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My Angel's Smile
(AKA Kyle's Smile)

Here I sit, drowning in tears
thinking about the past few years.
You've been here only a short while
and after all you've been though you always smile.
You are my strength, you are my joy,
you'll always be my baby boy.
When you hurt, I hurt too,
but your smile always comes through.
I love you just the way you are
you're everybody's shining star.
I wish that I could freeze time now
and I would if I knew how!
I know one day you'll do great things
you've got the biggest angel's wings.
Your heart of gold and smile of light
make every day sunny & bright.
You've made all my dreams come true
just by you being you.

For Kyle:
I'm honored to call you my son. You are the best son, brother, grandson, great-grandson, great-great-grandson & nephew that anyone could ever ask for! You always wake up with a smile and go to bed giving the biggest hugs. You really are an angel and I love you more and more everyday. : )
Love always,

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