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Hello, cleftAdvocate Pathfinders!

Having a Pathfinder business card can open so many doors!  They are professional and handy, whether you're speaking with a medical professional about launching the Pathfinder Program, or meeting a new family at the park or grocery store.

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Pricing is as follows:

Qty. 250 - $29.00 includes shipping*

* There are some times that we are able to offer a sale price.  However, the offer is made at the discretion of our supplier and is not always available.  Please contact Debbie Oliver for current pricing and sale deadlines!

cleftAdvocate does not profit from these cards.  This price is what we pay for the cards, plus shipping, so we can not give a further discount to you, and payment is due in full when ordering.  PayPal is the preferred method.

To order your Pathfinder cards, please send the following information to Debbie Oliver.  (DO NOT send your information to the cleftAdvocate Family-to-Family listserv or to a personal email account, as we might miss your order!)

Please be mindful of spelling, as we literally copy and paste the information from your e-mail into the order!


2.  TITLE - You may choose Pathfinder or Pathfinder Coordinator, whatever you feel fits your approach. (This is a personal decision for you; we are not assigning titles!)  If you do not choose one, we will assume Pathfinder to be your title.

3.  ADDRESS - You may opt out of this if you do not want to publish your home address.  However, we do encourage including your city and state, so folks know if you’re in their area or close enough!

4.  CONTACT NUMBERS - These can be any combination of your home, cell or fax numbers, up to three (3) maximum.

5.  E-MAIL

If you have any questions, please e-mail Debbie Oliver.

Remember…at cleftAdvocate, we have no *chapters* or other specific structure for our Pathfinders.  What works in one place may not work in another; the key is one-to-one contact with families.  It is very important, however, that Pathfinders follow a strict rule of not diagnosing (we are not doctors), not making endorsements of a particular treatment, doctor, hospital or team, and making sure that we offer an ear, a shoulder and a path of education and inspiration to families around the country and the world.

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