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For Jared Kristopher House DOB 05/24/1992

When you were growing
so small and fragile in my womb,
I wondered how my life would change
and I prepared your tiny room.

Finally the day came
and my newborn babe was here.
The doctors and the nurses words,
too cruel for me to bear.

They said you weren't perfect...
A flaw you had, said they.
But I knew throughout my very soul,
it didn't matter what they chose to say.

God crafted you with gentle hands
Your smile broader than the rest.
His plan for you was well thought out
To teach others was your quest.

Compassion overflowing
From God's great heart to yours.
The love He put inside you
has opened many doors.

You've taught me what's important
and shown so many others,
All God's children are so precious,
His sweet sons and daughters.

Your life has blessed mine every day
with humor, love and laughter.
But God's plan wasn't just for me,
His plan said take your message far away.

You've travelled now to cities far and wide,
His light in you will not be denied.

How can a child teach the world?
It's simple, don't you see?
Your lessons come from living,
For the Master holds the key.

He set your path before you,
a hard one to be sure.
But the pain has made you wiser
and stronger for all that you endured.

Perfection comes in many shapes
and angels do surround us.
Perfection comes from honesty,
and love for all around us.

Wisdom far beyond your years,
you teach us to think of others;
Listen without fear to your sisters
and your brothers.

You hear the Lord speak to your soul,
You're chosen special for his tasks...
A life can not be fully whole
unless we shed our masks.

To teach the world true perfection,
without need to hide our scars...
So shine your light to all the world,
Leave a perfect footprint on our hearts.

from Mommy, Melissa K. House with Love
May 19, 2004

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