Weaning baby from the bottle to the cup is always a challenge...even more so when your child has a cleft.  Here are some training cups that parents have found worked for them.  If you have a cup to add, please contact Milli at milli.davis@gmail.com.  (Find feeders here.)
Magic Cup by Avent
Available at Target for about $5.  Does not require suction if you remove the non-spill valve.  The white spouts are softer and easier to use than the green spouts.  Replacement spouts available. 
Drink Up Cup by Playtex
Spoutless.  Works when baby's lip presses against inner seal.  Packaging says for ages 3+ but many of our parents have had good luck with this cup.  Available at Walmart, Target, Kmart, etc.  Price is usually around $5.  Does not require suction.
Kid's Sport Bottle by In-Zone
Spill proof valve.  Requires suction. Round top helps develop pucker.  Can't be used until baby knows how to suck. Available at Walmart for less than $2.
MagMag by Pigeon
No non-spill valve included.  Longer spout helps teach baby to suck.  Liquid also comes out when baby bites on spout.  Available from certain cleft teams and
through the Galtak website.  Does not require suction.
Soft Spout by Nuby
Available at Walmart and Kmart for less than $2.  No suction required.  Baby can suck or bite the spout to get liquid.  No non-spill valve included.  To purchase replacement spouts, click here!
Straw Sipper by Parents Choice Available at Walmart in 2-for-$5 packs.  Non spill valve is part of straw.  Stronger suction required.  Replacement straw parts and valves are available.
Straw Cup by Playtex
Available at Kmart, Target, Walmart, etc.  Price is usually around $6.  No non-spill valve.  Requires suction.  Replacement straws available.  Good for learning to drink out of a straw.
Straw Sipper by Rubbermaid
Requires suction.  Available nearly everywhere for about $3.  Hard plastic straw top doesn't collapse when baby bites it.  Many parents have luck teaching their children to drink from a straw with this cup.
If you have a cup to add,
please contact Milli at
Thanks to Milli Davis for obtaining the following information from the manufacturer!

Per the manufacturer, replacement spouts are available from their distributor, Good for the Kids.  They offer a discount for parents purchasing replacements for children with special needs; e-mail to purchase and mention code 35PRSN.
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