After surgery, many surgeons do not allow or suggest that baby go back to their cleft palate nurser right away.  When your team says that sucking is not permitted for a period after surgery, the Soft Sipp post-operative bottle allows baby to stay hydrated and well-fed while protecting the surgery site.
cleftAdvocate's Rowan and mom Milli demonstrate
use of the Soft Sipp from Zip-N-Squeeze.
In place of a typical nipple there is a soft, flexible tubing.  The bottle is very supple and easily squeezed, pumping liquid up through the tube without suction.

Soft Sipp is available from the Zip-N-Squeeze company.

Soft Sipp Product Specifications

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For older children, teens and adults, consider the
Zip-N-Squeeze pouches.

Two designs are for liquids and one for pureed foods.  Again, no sucking is required.
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