©2005 by Nikki Hill. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission of the author.


The day you were born
I looked into your eyes and saw into your soul
I counted all of your little fingers
I even counted your little toes

With my finger I touched your tiny nose
But you didn’t have a care
I kissed your little forehead
And brushed back your wayward hair

As my eyes searched over your little face
Looking for a place to set a kiss
I saw for the first time your special place
You were keeping it on your lips

God loved you so much,that one day he said
“I’ll keep a kiss for me”
And from heaven you came, the perfect child
As perfect a child can be

With a special kiss, from special lips
For everyone to see
And I could not wait  to show the world
This special baby

I know you will grow into a special little girl
Who does all the girly things
But I will teach you how to climb a tree
While your mother makes you angel wings

And you will grow even more, your special kiss a trace for you
And a memory for me
But I’ll remind you of how strong you were
When you were just a baby

But for now I’ll dance in your  brown eyes
As you hold my finger tight
And I will believe in God and listen when He says
Everything will be all right

I will kiss those lips and watch for that smile
And shed a tear some times
Not because I’m mad or sad
But because you’ll be just fine!

Mommy and Daddy Love you
And  whole lot of others too
And when you are much older
We tell you of when you were brand new

Of how you came from heaven
With your special little Lips
And how we each took a turn
Getting our special little kiss.

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