It takes a lot to keep cleftAdvocate up and running, providing much needed assistance and support to families across the country.  Through your monetary donations and in-kind contributions, we can continue to build this thriving education and outreach network!

There are several ways you can help!  You can make a contribution through our Donate Now page, and designate for what purpose you'd like us to use your donation (e.g., equipment, postage, printing, website, resource bank items, etc.).  You may choose to make a purchase and send items directly to us (e.g., ink cartridges, paper, resource bank items).  Businesses and others may elect to make an in-kind donation.

If you have questions about our programs and our needs, or have an idea not listed here, please contact Executive Director Debbie Oliver at

Items in RED are most needed at this time.
Thanks to a very generous donor, we now have a computer for use exclusively for the organization!  For years we had been using our personal family computers to interface with network families and partner organizations, maintain the website, develop documents, maintain our national outreach database, and much more.  As much as we've grown, our equipment just couldn't keep up, but all that's going to change.  On behalf of the families we serve, thank you!

IT Technology/Database Maintenance
We desperately need a product or service to maintain and accurately sort our ever-growing database of families and conditions and make it accessible to key members of our volunteer staff across the miles.  We're not sure if a software solution or a web-based solution will best serve our needs.  Please contact Executive Director Debbie Oliver at toll-free (888) 486-1209 or (702) 769-9264 or at if you are interested in providing information about how we can best serve our community and access the necessary information to make fast and meaningful referrals no matter where our staff may be.

CSS, etc.
Uh, can anyone help with a little coding?!  I just don't have the hang of CSS yet and little time to learn it...for you website gurus out there, can you believe that I edit every page when there is a change to the logo/banner area or copyright information?  I'd sure appreciate any help I can get...thanks!

Thanks to contributions from some of our Pathfinders in 2005, we are currently using a Canon Pixma MP780. This is an all-in-one model and is serving our purposes for the moment, but is starting to wear out with all this activity!

Large Format Printer
We need to get a printer that will handle at least 11x17 (which folds in half to 8-1/2 x 11).  We've seen models in some electronics stores but we're sure there are other models out there, perhaps at business-to-business locations.

It's time for us to step it up a little in this area!  For years we've assembled home-made table-top displays for conferences and other events.  We're looking to upgrade to light-weight table-top and standing displays to project the professional nature of our organization.

CD/DVD Duplication Tower  * UPDATE!!
Technology is great!  The recent debut of our Feeding & Outreach reprint and other support materials on disk at the ACPA meeting in Philadelphia sparked an immediate demand!  We had to purchase the duplication tower without benefit of donations specifically for that equipment.  Any donations toward this expense are appreciated!

DVD Blank Disks and Labeling Supplies
DVD -/+ R or RW, labels, plain white paper sleeves (they weigh less, so when we have to ship supplies for conferences, that saves on shipping costs!).  All supplies welcome!

Our Websites
We love our WYSIWYG software and our fabulous hosts!  Since we build and maintain our own websites (cleftAdvocate, AboutFace USA, Crouzon, Goldenhar and the Pathfinder website) we save a lot...and that's more funding that can go directly to patient and family programs!  If you'd like to help with our hosting costs, however, we'd appreciate it!

Office Equipment and Supplies
Since we don't often send items to a professional printer, most of our outreach, workshop and conference handouts (with the exception of the official conference program and the feeding reprint) are printed at home on an as-needed basis.  This saves tons of money because we don't have to guess how many copies of a particular item we might need at any given time and we don't have to order huge quantities to get a deal on the price.  It also means we don't have boxes of materials sitting in the garage waiting to be used!

The following items will help us continue to provide information packets, workshop materials and more in a cost-effective manner:

Paper Folding Machine
We need a folding machine that can handle both 8-1/2 x 11 and 8-1/2 x 14 paper sizes, and up to 28 lb. paper.  This is
just one example of a high volume paper folding machine that will enable us to better utilize our volunteer power, saving
time and money.

Binding Machine and Supplies
Workshop materials, presentations to medical and other professionals and even grant applications will look more
professional with the aid of a binding system.  Here is one example of a binding machine that will help us accomplish
multiple tasks and take the organization well into the future.  Associated binding supplies can be found here.

Our Canon Pixma MP780 takes the following ink tanks:

BCI-3eBk BlackBCI-6Bk Photo BlackBCI-6C CyanBCI-6M MagentaBCI-6Y Yellow

Any 8-1/2 x 11 White Copy Paper
Any 8-1/2 x 11 Premium Letter Paperf
Wausau Exact Bristol Medium Card Stock (67 lb.) - 8-1/2 x 11 White (for brochures)
Avery #8164 Ink Jet Labels (3-1/3" x 4") (labels for conference folders)
Avery #8163 Ink Jet Labels (2" x 4") (labels for conference badges)

First class postage stamps or Priority Mail stamps are always needed!

Graphic Design Services
We know what we like, we just don't have the expertise to duplicate it!  If you have experience with Adobe CreativeSuite and can help us with some templates, we need your help!  (Perhaps even a short crash course would help us, too!)

Professional Printing Services
Feeding and Outreach Reprints
NACFC Conference Program
We would also love to eventually have cleftAdvocate's color brochure and other items professionaly printed!

Resource Bank Items
Ordering information for the following items can be found on our Resources page!
  • Cleft palate nursers, e.g., Mead Johnson, SpecialNeeds™ (formerly known as the Haberman Feeder), Pigeon
  • Post-operative feeding devices (Soft Sipp, Zip-n-Squeeze)
  • Arm Restraints (Pedi-Wraps, Snuggle Wraps)

The North American Craniofacial Family Conference (NACFC)
Your sponsorship will directly support families!
  • Sponsor the conference, or a portion thereof (e.g., speaker, workshop, A/V equipment, break, dinner)
  • Sponsor an individual, couple or family for the event
  • Sponsor conference totes for attendees
  • Provide free or discounted services (graphic design, printing, signage, photography, videography, entertainment, etc.)
  • Sponsor AboutFriends Day or a portion thereof
  • Place an ad in the NACFC program

Please contact Founder/Executive Director Debbie Oliver at (888) 486-1209 or (702) 769-9264 or by e-mail at if you are interested in providing support for the 2008 NACFC.

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