Braiden James Spangler, DOB 03/15/02, UCLP Complete
See Braiden's Website! Write to Chris and Kristen
Braiden's lip repair was performed on May 28, 2002.  He had tubes put in his ears as well.  We found out about the cleft around 20 weeks of pregnancy through ultrasound.  We chose not to have a plastic surgeon for Braiden.  Instead we see an oral surgeon.
Blake, DOB 06/04/99, CP, Write to Kelly, CA
Blake was born with a complete cleft of the soft & hard palates. In the first photo he is 6 days old, wearing a device to measure apnea episodes Note the severity of the micrognarthia (small jaw). He has had one palate repair and two ear tube surgeries. Thankfully his jaw grew out a bit due to intense oral exercises (breastfeeding!) and we haven't had to have any surgical intervention.  Blake is a sweet little blessing and we love him very much, chipmunk voice and all!
Ben, DOB 09/04/98 (Talk about Labor Day!!), BCLP  Write to Joyce, IN
We did not know about Ben's cleft before he was born.  At two weeks old, we headed to Chicago Shriners' Hospital, and four years and four surgeries later, Ben is doing well. He had a pharyngeal flap at 2 years, but had it removed Aug. 2002 due to apnea problems. He has been in speech therapy for 4 years.  I am a strong advocate for Early Intervention programs. They are worth checking out.
Blake T., DOB 12/17/02, UCL & Alveolar Ridge
See Blake's Website!  Write to Sara, CO
Blake was born with a unilateral cleft lip and alveolar ridge.  We learned about the cleft at our 22-week ultrasound; doctors thought he would have a cleft palate as well, but he was born with a full palate.  Blake had his lip repaired 02/03/03 at 7 weeks old, he is a little trooper!  He is all smiles--our most precious gift!
Betty Linn, DOB 04/28/1982, BCLP  Write to Betty Linn, NJ
I was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.  I have had numerous surgeries and was recently discharged from the local clinic (because I'm too old, and because
I HOPE I'm finished!).  One thing I have to say is that all things are possible when you have the support of loved ones!
Brandon, DOB 12/10/03, BCLP and Pierre Robin Syndrome  Write to Michael and Amber, MI
See My Website!  Brandon was transferred shortly after his birth to Children’s Hospital in Detroit and diagnosed with Pierre Robin Syndrome. A sleep study showed 40 incidents of sleep apnea/hour.  A mandible distraction was performed and Brandon spent his first Christmas in the hospital.  Lip repair is scheduled for 3/09/04. We are working on eliminating his NG tube which has been a rollercoaster ride.
Benjamin, DOB 12/07/03, UCLP  Write Debbie, NH
Benjamin was born five weeks premature with a complete UCLP.  He is our third son and is just beautiful.  His big brothers adore him.  His cleft was found by ultrasound.  The cleft in his top gum measured 14mm.  He has a Latham device right now and the gap is measuring barely 1mm.  He will have his lip repaired on April 21, 2004.  He has the greatest disposition of all of our children despite what he has to go through.
Bailey, DOB 09/26/94, BCL/Midline CP, Missing Premaxilla, Duanes Syndrome  Write to Michael & Julie Allwhite, TX
Bailey's cleft was unknown to us until she came into the world on September 26, 1994.  She is now 9 years old and has had lip repair, palate repair, numerous dental procedures, and bone grafts.  Bailey is deaf in her left ear.  She loves to sing, listen to music, play on the computer (especially Nancy Drew Mystery Games) and read books.
Bethany, DOB 02/01/87, UCL  Write to Lori, IA
Bethany is now 17 years old.  She has had five surgeries so far at the University of Iowa. She will be a senior this year (2004-2005) and is employed by Long John Silvers/A&W Restaurant in Creston.  She loves to read, listen to music, and cruise with her friends.  She has a younger sister Kristen (14), unaffected, and a younger brother Brandon (UCL/BCP). Brandon and mom Lori (BCLP) are also in the gallery.
Brandon, DOB 08/10/97, UCL/BCP  Write to Lori, IA
Brandon has had three surgeries at the University of Iowa and six sets of ear tubes. He is going to be in the first grade this next year (2004-2005), is in Royal Rangers at church and is just starting Cub Scouts. He loves to watch movies, swim, and ride his bike. He has an older sister Bethany (17), UCLP and an older sister Kristen (14), unaffected.  Bethany and mom Lori (BCLP) are also in the gallery.
Brenna, DOB 03/24/04, UCLP  Write to Renee and Dustin, NE
Brenna had her first surgery on June 30 and is doing great.  She has now gained a lot, and weighs in at about 16 pounds.  Her next surgery to repair her palate should be around June or July of 2005.  Brenna loves to play outside and watch cartoons.  We did not find out about her cleft lip or palate until she was born.  We have learned so much since then.  Brenna is a very happy little girl and loves to smile and laugh.
Brock Lane, DOB 06/17/04, BCLP and Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS)  Write to Erin, TX
Brock was born with amniotic band syndrome that caused his bilateral cleft lip and palate.  It was never seen so we were totally surprised when he was born.  He has been a gift from God from day one though.  He started eating two ounces every two hours from his first feeding and has never slowed down; he is our little piggy!!  We are just waiting for his Latham device to do the trick to have his first lip surgery.
Brendan Michael, DOB 04/22/04, UCLP  Write to Jeanne, Marietta, GA
Brendan is a sweet baby whose hobbies include eating, sleeping, fussing at his brother and sister, and splashing in the pool.  He is a cuddle bunny who has to be held most of the time.  He is scheduled to have his lip surgery August 26, and the palate repair in November.
Bryttani, DOB 09/29/98, Midline Facial Cleft, Coloboma, FND  Write to Casey, DE
Bryttani was born with a severe midline facial cleft lip and palate that extends through her nasal structure, which is totally absent. She is missing her left eye and has a coloboma, a cleft of the optic nerve of her right eye. All her organs are on the opposite sides. However they function wonderfully. Despite Bryttani's medical needs, she is a very typical 6 yearr old. She is very proud to be special and is truly our little miracle.
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Ben, DOB 07/25/05, BCLP  Write to Nichole. MI
Benjamin Cole was born on July 25, 2005, three weeks early and full of surprises for his mom and dad.  While he has had an atypical start, Ben has shown to be a normal little boy who loves to laugh, drool, and climb!  He has had 8 procedures including two lip and two palate repairs. It looks like Ben will be done with surgeries for quite a while. We are blessed to have such a happy boy!
Brandon, DOB 8/29/95, UCLP  Write to Robin and Brandon, IL
The youngest of three boys, Brandon is the only one born with a cleft. He is a very strong, self-confident, loving, funny and energetic boy who loves sports, especially baseball and basketball. He enjoys playing video games, has lots of friends and does very well in school. We are very proud of all his accomplishments and are very blessed and thankful everyday for everything he continues to brings into our lives.
Braden, 08/10/05, UCLP  Write to Sherry, PA
Braden was born on 8/10/05 with a beautiful UCLP wide smile!  We knew he was going to be born with cleft, from diagnosis at the 20 wk ultrasound.  He has been a constant source of joy and happiness ever since!  He had his lip repair on 11/16/05 and is scheduled for palate repair 07/05/06 by a wonderful surgeon at CHOP, Dr. Don Larossa.  Braden has an older sister, Madelyn, 8 years, who loves him to pieces!
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Photo Gallery - B
Brennan, DOB 10/08/05, Incomplete UCL
See more pics!  Write to Heather, VA
Brennan was full of surprises!  He was born a week early, was way bigger than expected (over 9lbs.) and had an incomplete UCL.  He had his cleft repair surgery on 02/28/2006 and Houdinied out of his arm restraints about every five minutes.  He is the happiest baby ever laughing at every silly face sissy makes at him.  He is completely healthy and absolutely gorgeous.

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Berithová, Adult, Write to Berithova, Slovakia, EU
I was born in 1987 and have had five surgeries.  The surgeons in my country are very dedicated to research in the field of cleft palate and I am very thankful for what they have done for me.  I have had most of the surgeries done; after this photo I had another surgery where the surgeon altered my nose.  Now I am happy to look and feel great, and I want all to know that there is so much hope out there.
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