Savannah Corrinne, DOB 10/22/99, BCLP
See Savannah's Featured Family Page Chris & Keri Wiseman, NE (Home of the Huskers!!)
Savannah lives in Nebraska with her parents and younger brother Wesley.  A typical almost-3-year-old, she loves to play with her brother, talk on the phone, watch movies and socialize with anyone within 20 yards!  Mom runs a local support group and Savannah loves visiting all the new babies with clefts.
Sophie, DOB 8/16/01, CP
Sophie had her palate repaired on July 12, 2002.  She loves to boogie and
insists that the radio be tuned to dance music all day long!  She also loves
plucking and sniffing flowers from the yard.  Mom is involved in a local
infant outreach program for cleft-affected babies.
Sarah Mae Evelyn Woods, DOB  08/13/02, CP/Pierre Robin Sequence
See Sarah's Website!   Write to Annette, TX
Sarah was born August 13, 2002.  She had a U-shaped cleft palate & PRS.
Sarah is 15 months old now & had her palate repaired in March 2003.  She
also had jaw distraction done during December 2002.  Sarah has seven siblings.  Her sister Kayla and mom Annette are also in the gallery.
Samuel Adam, DOB 2/4/03, UCL, BCP  Write to Mary, NY
Sam is our first child.  He is such a happy little guy!  Nothing gets Sam down. We first found out about the clefts during ultrasound.   Sam had his lip and nose repaired in May, 2003, when he was three months old.  Now we can't imagine him any different!!
Stephen, DOB 08/23/65, SMCP, Unrepaired, Marshall Syndrome
See Our Website!  Write to Kay and Stephen, TX
Stephen, dad to Aaron and Ashlyn, was born with submucous cleft, but no one knew about it until he was 6 years old. A speech teacher attended a conference and told his mother to give Dr. Salyer a call because all she heard him say sounded exactly like Stephen. While they have been unable to close his palate, they did correct the mid-facial exclusion that is a part of Marshall Syndrome.
Savannah Nicole, DOB 03/29/03, UCL/BCP
See Savannah's Website! Write to Crystal, FL
Savannah was born with a UCL and BCP .. We found out when I was 10 weeks pregnat.  We knew there was a possibility beacuse my mother was born with BCLP.  Savannah has not has any surgeries at this point. She was born in Jacksonville, Florida at Unversity Hospital.  Please enjoy our beautiful baby. She also has one sister who is 14 months old..
Seth, DOB 06/19/1993, UCL and Incomplete BCP, Klippel Feil Syndrome  Write to Kristina, CO
Seth is my God-send and my knight in shining armor. Along with the clefts, he was born with Klippel Feil Syndrome. He's had over 28 surgical procedures in his short life and has been as brave as possible for all of them, especially with how quickly he tries to bounce back afterwards.  He loves soccer and playing his guitar and all things Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.
Samuel Lee Birdsong, Jr., DOB: 01/14/93, Complete UCLP  Write to Tammy, FL
Sammy is the biggest joy in our family, coming into the world at 10 lbs., 11 oz.  He had a lip adhesion at 5 weeks; lip repair at 3-1/2 months; palate repair/lip rev./ear tubes at nine months, and another revision at 18 months.  He also had a skin graft to his right eardrum, a palatoplasy w/bone graft at 7-1/2, and his orthodontics began at age 6 1/2.  He enjoys playing guitar and Nintendo and does well in school.
Shawn Patrick Aberl II, DOB 12/16/02, BCLP, Write to Jennifer, VA
Shawn was born December 16, 2002 with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, which were associated with a very rare syndrome known as Popliteal Pterygium Syndrome that he was later diagnosed with.  He has had six surgeries so far, and is doing wonderfully.
Shelby, DOB 12/11/00, UCLP, 8 Weeks Premature
See Our Website!, Write to Valerie, KS
We found out three days before Shelby was born that he might have a cleft.  He has had three surgeries - the first at 3 mos. (adjusted age 3 weeks); a second lip surgery at 6 mos. and palate repair and ear tubes was at 13 months. Shelby is now in speech therapy and talks non stop. He is proud of his scar he says he was born with an ouchie, but it is all better now. Shelby is now the proud big brother of Braedon.
Shane, DOB 09/02/03, UCLP  Write to Laura and Shannon, PA
Shane was born on September 2, 2003 with a unilateral cleft lip on the left side. His first surgery was on April 1, 2004.  We reside in northeast Pennsylvania.  Shane is a very independent little boy who loves to makes noise.  We love him very much, especially his long eyelashes.

Scotty, DOB 04/28/03, UCLP
See Our Family Website!  Write to Lianna
Scott Mikael was born with unilateral celft lip and palate. His cleft was a suprise to us, but not a shock as clefts run on both sides of the family. He has two older sisters, Gabrielle Rose & Cierah Rayne, both of whom were born without any signs of a cleft. He's had two surgeries and we're planning two more in the future. He's Momma's boy and loves his big sisters very much. Such a blessing for our last baby.
Stephen Patrick, DOB 11/22/00, UCLP  Write to Mary, IA
Stephen's first operation was in May 2001 correcting his lip and reconstructing his nose; his second operation was in October 2001, closing his palate.  Stephen is scheduled to have his third operation on October 5, 2004 with many more to come. He is a happy-go-lucky little boy and is the real ladies man!  Stephen is known as the "Bob the Builder" look-a-like!  He has an older sister Anna and brother David.
Stone Francis, DOB 11/02/2003, BCLP  Write to Deirdre, FL
We were told about Stone's cleft during our 31-week ultrasound . His lip was repaired at two days old; palate repair was at six months.  Stone's surgeon is Dr. Frank Stieg, one of the only surgeons in the US that does lip repair at two days old.  I am very happy with the results and so happy to have such a strong and wonderful baby boy. Stone is very loved by his family. I welcome anybody to ask me any questions.
Stella, DOB 03/31/04, UCLP  Write to Pleasants, Nassau, Bahamas
Stella's cleft was detected in an ultasound when I was 19 weeks pregnant. We were so grateful for websites like this to learn more about what to expect when she was born. She had her lip and nose repaired in May and will have her palate closed in February. We are so happy with our team at UNC Children's Hospital. Stella is always happy and smiling. She loves chasing her two big sisters around the house!
Sofia, DOB 04/28/75, UCLP
I'm Sofia and I'm 29 years old from Portugal.  I was born with an incomplete unilateral cleft lip and palate and I've had four surgeries.  Right now I'm getting ready for a nose and lip revision, and after that I'd like to have some more work done on my teeth.
Sydney Kristina, DOB 06/02/04, BCLP  Write to Tanyia, VA
Sydney was born with a complete bilateral cleft lip and palate (a surprise).  She wore the NAM device for almost 6 months, had her lip repaired in November 2004, and her palate (+ tubes) repaired February 1, 2005.  She has fully recovered and will start speech therapy in May 2005 through Early Intervention. Sydney is a happy little girl who loves to explore and watch as her big sister (or anyone else) sings to her.
Samuel David, DOB 04/13/04, BCLP and Multiple Anomalies  Write to Amy, OH
Sam was born 04/13/04 with a bilateral cleft lip and palate and other anomolies including hydrocephalus, Trachea Esophageal Fistula, Coarctation of his aorta, VSD, Asplenia, malrotation of intestines, vision and hearing loss....the doctors have labeled him with Vacteral Association. Sam had his lip repair on February 15, 2005 and we will see the PS in May about palate repair.
Sofia, DOB 11/24/04, UCLP, Waardenburg Syndrome
See Sofia's Website!  Write to Tiffaney & Noe, CA
Sofia is the second of our two beautiful daughters, our grinner.  She recently underwent lip repair surgery at Stanford Children's Hospital and will undergo palate repair in the fall.  She's been handling everything like a pro, but hates her "no-no's".  Sofia loves to play with anything "noisy", coos loudly along with music, and giggles intensely when provoked by her 2 year old sister. Sofia's wide smiles are contagious!
Sean, DOB XX/XX/XX, 22q 11.2 Duplication/VCFS  Write to Carol, FL

Santana Freire, DOB 04/21/05, UCLP  Write to Monica, Toronto, Canada
Santana is such a happy girl...nothing gets my baby down!  She had her first surgery four months ago and did so well,her second surgery (palate repair) is already set for March 22, 2006.  We know that she is going to do well.  She will also be getting tubes in her ears at the time of her palate surgery.  We want to wish every mom and child luck and you will be in our prayers. God Bless everyone.
Selena, DOB 07/02/97, UCLP  Write to Amber, AZ
This is my daughter, Selena.  She was born on July 2, 1997 in Mesa, Arizona.  She was born with a cleft lip and palate.  She has had 5 surgeries so far.  She will be having more coming up soon on her nose.  She has a wonderful attitude about herself.  She is very lucky to have great friends and family that support her.
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