Rowan Eason Davis, DOB 05/12/02, BCLP,  UNC Craniofacial Team
See Rowan's Website! Write John and Milli, NC
Rowan is an incredible toddler who lights up a room with his smile. His lip was repaired on 8/15/02; his palate and PE tubes on 3/5/03.  He has graduated speech therapy and there's no stopping him.  He loves balloons, trains, and making his baby brother laugh.  Milli has started an email list for families in her area.  Check out Triangle Area Face to Face.
Rachael, BCL  Write to Rachael
I feel I have overcome many obstacles in my life, including shyness, and low self-esteem as a child because of how my peers treated me.  I lived in Los Angeles in my young teen years with my mother. She is my inspiration and hero.  She is the one person in my life that told me I could do anything. She never let my cleft be an excuse to hide I wanted to.
Riley, DOB 02/18/04, CL and Alveolar Ridge  Write to Steph
Here is a picture of Riley Kay.  She surprised us with her cleft lip and gumline when she was born on February 18, 2004.  The surgery to repair her cleft lip was successfully completed on June 8, 2004.  She is such a little cuddler, and we are very proud of her.  The first photo was taken at age six weeks; the second was taken soon after lip repair surgery.
Ray, DOB 08/25/04, UCL  Write to Heather, NC
Ray was born with a cleft lip like his father, grandfather and uncle.  I was told by doctors he would not have a cleft lip, so I was at a total loss on how to care for him.  We had a lot of feeding problems (too much air, two-hour feedings, etc.).  But thanks to all the help here, he is doing well.  Ray had his repair done 12/8/04 and is doing very well.  The second photo is his one-year-old birthday picture.
Ryan Andrew, DOB 10/22/05, UCL  Write to Karyn, FL
Ryan was born with a UCL. He had his lip repair on 1/9/06. He loves to smile and cuddle and is full of love. The first picture was taken at a few weeks old. The second one was taken at 3 months old, 1 month post-op. He is the light of my life.
River, DOB 08/31/98, BCLP  Write to Lisa, OR
River was born healthy and beautiful with an incomplete bilateral cleft lip and alveolar ridge, and a complete cleft palate. His cleft was undetected in all three ultrasounds (although I can see it perfectly in the pictures now!). He is 7 1/2 years old now, and is such a cool kid! He has had seven surgeries and will have a few more down the road. He is brave, happy, creative, and wonderful. I feel so lucky to be his mom!
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Rylie Kaitlin, DOB 12/07/05, BCLP
See Rylie's Website!, Write to Anita, PA
Rylie was born with incomplete bilateral cleft lip and palate.  She was a challenge in the beginning, but now she is a wonderfully happy little girl.  Her lip was repaired 05/16/06 and her palate was repaired 09/12/06.  No surgeries are in her immediate future, but she is going to a cleft clinic on 04/16/07 and we will know more then.
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