Conner, DOB 07/25/01, BCLP, Holoprosencephaly  Write to Stacey and Marcus
Hi, I'm Conner!  My family includes mom, dad, and big brother Joseph.  I was born on July 25 (same as mom) with a bilateral cleft lip (repaired 5/28/02) and cleft palate. I also have a neurological condition called holoprosencephaly and hydrocephalus. If you would like to know more about my condition visit
Christian "Alex" Thomas, DOB 01/16/02  Write to Mom Laura and Grandma Jacque
Christian's cleft was diagnosed by the third sonogram, but how can one really prepare?  This photo was taken just after his third surgery at age 7 months.  Christian, who we all call Alex, also has tubes in his ears and a heart murmur. He is surrounded by love and support and is the love of our lives--truly a gift from God.  He is doing well, a happy little man who smiles all the time!
Cosmo, DOB10/05/02, BCLP
See Cosmo's Website!  See Our Family Website and Travel Log!  Write to Laura and David, Cambridge, UK
Cosmo had his first two surgeries at 3 and 6 months and is due for nasal revision some time in the next year.  He is very sociable and into everything!  Cosmo loves climbing, painting and animals.  His two sisters, Ruby and Mabel, adore him and look forward to an English summer playing together in Cambridge.
Caleb, DOB 05/12/02, UCL
See Caleb's Website!  Write to Christine, Cedar Rapids, IA
Caleb was born with a 3/4 unilateral cleft lip, which was repaired on 08/20/02.  He is doing great!  While this may be his only surgery, he will continue to be monitored by the cleft team at least yearly. He's recovering at home with Mom and Dad, brothers Justis, Keaton and Spencer and sister Skyler.
Conall Ryan O'Driscoll, DOB 10/31/02, UCLP
See Conall's Website!  Write to Patti and Niall, Calgary, Canada
Conall's cleft was noticed in a routine scan at 24 weeks.  He wore a NAM device which moved his gums together (from a 10mm gap) & shaped his nose. Conall's lip/nose surgery was performed in February 2003 and his palate repair in September 2003.  Thanks to the team at Toronto Hospital for Sick Children.
Corrie, DOB 1979, BCLP, See Corrie's Featured Family Story!
See Corrie's Website! Write to Corrie, SC
I was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.  I have had 17 surgeries, mostly related to the cleft and then others (wisdom teeth, etc).  I had what will hopefully be my last surgery in December 2001.  I am eagerly awaiting the start of some dental work that has been put off for four years.  I am in graduate school, and will graduate in May 2003 with a Master's in Speech-Language Pathology.
Cassandra Jane "Cassie", DOB 06/04/00, UCL& Soft Palate, Write to Christi, Newark, DE
Cassie had lip repair and tubes in her ears on 10/9/00 at age four months, and palate repair on 2/24/00 at almost nine months.  She also had a lip revision on 2/10/03 at age 2-1/2.  All were done by Dr. Christopher Saunders at A.I.DuPont Children's Hospital; he did a wonderful job!  Cassie has a big sister Cayla, 8 years old, and a baby sister on the way (neither has a cleft).
Connor Joseph, DOB 02/10/03, Complete UCLP and Aveolar Ridge Write to Darci, OK
Connor's cleft was a complete surprise to us. I deliverd in a small hospital which had no experience with clefts, so Connor was flown to another when he was 12 hours old.  The first photo was taken at 11 days old when he "graduated" from the NICU.  His lip/nose repair was done when he was only 17 days old.  He will have his hard/soft palate repair in Sept. 2003.  He is such a precious blessing!
Courtney Brook, DOB 02/27/03, UCLP, Write to Brenda, Selah, WA
We did not know about Courtney's cleft palate until she was born.  It was a very big shock, but we got used to it.  She is such a beautiful baby.  She was born with a wide unilateral cleft lip and a smaller unilateral cleft palate.  She will under go her first surgery on the June 4. She has a lot of family support being the youngest of four and loved by her brothers and sister.
Caleb Mark-Allen Stark, DOB 04/12/03, Cleft Soft Palate  Write to Marci, OH
Caleb smiles non-stop and can simply melt your heart.  We anticipate surgery at 10 months to repair the soft palate and are crossing our fingers that it will be the only surgery necessary.

Charles Lawson Myers, DOB 10/30/2003, Complete UCLP
See me and my big brother! Write to Catie, Hollister, MO
Meet Chuck!  He is such a happy baby who smiles all the time and has a laugh that will make your day!  Chuck's cleft team is at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO.  Dr. Singhal repaired Chuck's lip on March 25, 2004.  We used the lip taping method prior to his lip repair and he is using an obturator until his palate is repaired on November 1, 2004.  Please email us.  We would love to hear from you!
Carlos, DOB 11/04/03, UCLP  Write to Nedra, VA
We are very blessed to have such a beautiful little boy!!  We found out about his lip when I was seven months pregnant and didn't have many resources so we were very sad.  Now, it's a different story!
Connor Scott, DOB 10/02/03, Cleft Soft Palate  See Our Family Website!  Write to Michelle, ND
Connor's cleft was a surprise; we were scared and overwhelmed.  Eating was a challenge at first, but now he's getting chubby!  He has brought us more joy than we thought possible, teaching his mommy what is truly important in life!  Sister Abbey adores him and knows just how to make him smile. Palate surgery is set for June 2004.  We love cA and the tremendous support of our new "family".
Claire, DOB 05/08/03, BCLP  Write to Lori and Paul
My cleft was diagnosed in utero at 18 weeks.  My parents waited a long time to have me and were ecstatic when I finally arrived (7 weeks early).  I wore the NAM for five months and had my lip repair 12/04/03 at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We love Dr. LaRossa (PS), Dr. Schiffman (orthodontist) and CHOP.
Cole, DOB 12/31/99, UCLP  Write to Shelia and Mike, TX
Cole's complete unilateral cleft lip and palate were diagnosed during a sonogram.  The baby picture was taken when he was 1 day old and the other picture is at 4-1/2 years.  Cole is a happy boy with a wicked sense of humor!  He loves animals, playing outside and with his younger sister.  He's always been a trooper and continues to amaze us.  Cole and little sister Allyssa are the best of friends!
Cori, DOB 06/13/02, Holoprosencephaly, BCLP  Write to Jeff and Mindy, Elnora, IN
Cori had her first surgery at 3 months old to place a Mic-Key feeding tube.  She had her lip repair at 6 months and palate repair by her first birthday.  She has most of her teeth with the exception of her front incisors and has two incisors in her palate region. She has also been treated for seizure disorder.  At the age of two, she is learning how to walk and eat and drink by mouth.  She is doing a great job on speech as well.
Charlotte, DOB 04/25/04, Cleft Soft Palate  Write to us!
Surgery to correct Charlotte's cleft will be on August 4, 2004. Hopefully this will be the only surgery needed.  She will be three months old at the time of the surgery.
Connor, DOB 06/22/2004, Incomplete BCLP  Write to Lauren, CO
This is the love of my life, Connor, who was was born with an incomplete BCLP.  We visited the Denver Children's Hospital cleft palate clinic when he was 6 days old.  Lip repair is scheduled for September 2004.  Aside from not being able to breastfeed, he is perfect in every way because as his mother, I am able to pump.  Connor has not had formula since we left the hospital and he feeds just fine from a Haberman.
Carter, DOB 05/20/04, UCLP  Write to Jenni, IL
Carter is seen by the team at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago.  His lip was repaired 08/19/04 and he is doing well.  Carter is very precious to us and we love him very much.  We found out at my 16-week ultrasound that he had a cleft, and we had an amniocentesis done.  We also discovered he has ring chromosome 21.  So far there haven't been any other complications other than his unilateral cleft lip/palate.
Chloe Hope, DOB 12/06/03, UCLP  Write to Leigh Ann, GA
Chloe's cleft was discovered during ultrasound.  She has two sisters from her father and a brother and sister from me.  None of them have any medical problems.  The first picture was taken the day before her lip/nose surgery in March 2004; the second was taken in November 2004, a week after palate surgery.  We were truly blessed with Chloe, and blessed again with a wonderful doctor that helped in her miracle.
Carson, DOB 09/24/04, BCLP  Write to Monica, OK
Carson was born September 4, 2004 with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.  He joined older brothers Blake (05/13/03) and Jordon (02/9/90).  Carson is currently wearing the NAM and scheduled for lip/nose/gum repair on April 18 with Dr. Cutting at NYU.  We are from Sand Springs, Oklahoma.
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Carter Monroe, DOB 1/27/05, CSP  Write to Kelli, OK
Our son Carter was born with a cleft of the soft palate.  We did not know about his cleft until he was born.  He had his palate repaired on July 25th of 2005, at Childrens Hospital in OKC.  Carter is such a happy and content baby. He has just started playing patty cake and saying DaDa.  He has an older brother that adores him so much.  They both are the light of my life.
Cody James, DOB 01/23/04, BCLP  Write to Kelly, NY
Cody was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.  He is also a twin!  His cleft was a surprise to the whole family but Cody has come through everything like a champ!  His lip repair was done on 04/12/04 and palate was repaired on 01/28/05.  Cody is a great big brother to his twin Dylan and their newest baby brother Tyler.  He has a smile and big brown eyes that just melts everybody's heart!
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Calla, DOB 09/28/05, UCLP  Write to Kristine
Calla was born with a unilateral cleft lip and a cleft palate. She had her lip and palate surgeries this past year at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. Dr. Stelnicki is our hero!  Calla has an identical twin Kiley (who did not have a cleft). Calla is one tough cookie!
Campbell, DOB 01/17/06, BCLP  Write to Michelle & Brian, KY
Campbell was welcomed into the world by her parents, Brian and Michelle and big brother, Matthew.  We were not aware of her bilateral cleft lip and palate prior to her birth as it was not detected on ultrasound.  She had to stay in the hospital a few extra days to help with feedings.  She is seen by the craniofacial team at University of Kentucky hospital.  Her first surgery is scheduled for August 2006.  She is a blessing and joy in our lives.

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Carmen, DOB 11/23/06, Pierre Robin Sequence and Cleft Palate Write to Lisa, MI
Carmen's ttwin, Cadia, does not have any health issues.  I had never heard of Pierre Robin Sequence before Carmen was born.  She required a tracheostomy and feeding tube shortly after birth and spent 68 days in the NICU before she could come home.  She is now 7 months old and we are looking forward to her palate repair and the subsequent removal of her trach and feeding tube.  We are blessed with such beautiful little girls!
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