Lukas Ryan Kim, DOB 8/14/01, UCL/BCP
See Luke's Website Write to Karla and Charles and sister Avery, CA
Luke has a complete cleft of the lip on the left side, incomplete on the right side, and a cleft soft palate.  The alveolar ridge was also affected.  Lip/nose repair was on 11/19/01 and palate repair will be 8/19/02. He can light up a room with his smile but let me tell you, he is ALL BOY!!
Luke, DOB 01/02/01, UCL/Alveolar Notch  Write Buzz & Kathy, CA
Luke had his lip repair at ten weeks.  He wore a nasal molding device
beginning at 8 days of age to shape his nostrils and reduce the amount of
surgery needed on his nose. Luke loves playing with his three brothers and
four sisters.  His favorite things are balls, boots and books.  And wrestling
with Daddy!
Lisa, DOB 1966, Complete UCL/Alveolar Ridge  See Lisa's Featured Family Page!
My first lip repair was performed at four months.  I had a lip repair and full open rhinoplasty/septum repair at 26 years old, then a final lip scar revision at 29 years old.  I underwent dental surgery and orthodontia for several years (ages 12-15) due to the gum involvement, which was fairly unsuccessful.  I was able to correct "dwarf teeth" and crossbite with porcelein laminates and bonding.
Lee Moffett-Lupton, DOB 12/14/65, UCLP  Write to Lee, NC
Born in Fort Lee, NJ, I had lip/palate/bone graft surgery at 4.5 months in NYC, with very few secondary surgeries.  I am married to a great guy named Todd (NCA).  I was a textile engineer for 12 years in NYC.  We moved to NC in '99 after our son Connor (NCA) was born.  Our daughter Danica was born with an incomplete cleft lip, cleft in her gum line, and a small cleft in her hard palate.
Luke Thomas, DOB 01/27/03, UCLP
See Our Family Photos!  Write to Alisa and Jay, OK
Luke was born with a UCLP that was detected through ultrasound.  He had a Latham device that he wore for a little over a month before his lip repair at four months. His Dad also was born with a cleft, but it was a bilateral.  Luke has an older sister and brother and is adored by all.  He is so strong!  Can't imagine life without him!
Landon, DOB 07/06/02, Microform CL  Write to Heather and Mike, IL
See us in Featured Families! Ultrasounds did not detect the clefts in our twins; we were very shocked when they were born.  Landon has a microcleft and is scheduled for lip repair on 3/21/03. Olivia, bilateral cleft lip and palate, had her lip repair on 1/17/03 and is scheduled for a bone graft/palate surgery this spring and summer. They are both incredibly happy and healthy babies!
Lilienne, DOB 03/24/2000, UICL See Our Family Photos!  Write to LeeAnn, Michigan
Lili's cleft lip was a surprise at birth and was such a part of her that I was sad to see it go when she had surgery at 12 weeks.  She has not needed a revision so far, but I struggle over whether to have something done if the doctor suggests it or wait until she is old enough to decide for herself.  Lili is nearly three, and adores dressing up, playing with baby dolls and her big sister Genevieve.
Larissa Ann Gautreau, DOB 12/26/02, UCL, BCP  Write to Heather and Don, Canada
Our daughter's cleft was detected by ultrasound at 20 weeks. Larissa's lip surgery completed April 15, 2003.  The team at the IWK Health Center in Halifax, Canada has been great. A big thank you to Dr. Ken Wilson...he did a great job. Palate surgery looks like it will be in the fall of 2003.
Luke, DOB 07/05/03, UCLP Write to Melissa, Cincinnati, OH
Luke is doing great. He recently had a pharyngeal flap surgery in September 2006. He has had a dramatic and exciting outcome from this surgery, which was to help him talk better. He is now able to make the sounds B, C, F, H and SH. He was unable to make these sounds prior to his surgery. Dr. Willging at Children's Hospital-Cincinnati performed the surgery.
Luke, DOB 05/09/03, UCLP
Visit Our Family Website! Write to Anna, VA
Luke was born with a wide UCLP, detected by ultrasound at 28 weeks, giving us plenty of time to prepare.  He wore the nasoalveolar molding (NAM) device for three months and had his lip/nose/gum repair on 08/26/03.  Luke looks wonderful thanks to Dr. Maull & Dr. Baker of Fairfax INOVA Hospital!  He is a precious baby who is loved very much by his Mommy, Daddy & two big brothers.
Leah Rose, DOB 09/19/03,  Midline CSP, Freeman Sheldon Syndrome
See Leah Rose's Website!  Write to Karen, FL
Leah was born with a midline CSP; we anticipate surgery at 9-12 months of age. She also has Freeman Sheldon (Whistling Face) Syndrome which affects craniofacial features and the musculoskeletal system. Muscle weakness is the main characteristic of the syndrome, along with contractures of her hands and feet.  She will also have surgery on her right foot to correct a vertical ankle bone.
Logan, DOB 02/01, UCL  Write to Barb
Logan was born with a unilateral cleft lip in February of 2001.  He had his surgery at four months and looks great.  Email me at if you have any questions.  We love his smile it just melts our hearts!
Logan Earl, DOB 2/18/04, CLP  Write to Terri, WA
Logan is our first child and we didn't know about his cleft lip and palate .  He is our pride and joy and is very strong-willed.  On March 22 he started wearing a temporary palate and did very well; his doctor had us going in weekly because he was growing so fast.  His lip repair was performed on June 29, 2004.
Lori, DOB 07/16/64, BCLP  Write to Lori, IA
My parents didn't know I would have a cleft until I was born. I have had 13 surgeries at University of Iowa Hospital.  I am an office assistant at Bluegrass Federal Credit Union in Creston. My husband Paul works at Kraft foods, mixing the sour sugars and acids that go on the sour gummi candies.  I have three children, Bethany (17) UCLP, Kristen (14), and Brandon (6) UCL/BCP.  Bethany and Brandon are in the gallery.
Laura, DOB 6/17/1979, UCLP  Write to Laura, TX
I was born in 1979 with a unilateral cleft lip and palate.  I have had a total of nine surgeries, including two bone grafts and what seems like probably 20 years of orthodontia!  I have also had work done on my septum.
Luke RuBao, DOB 10/15/2002, BCLP  Write to Janet, St. Peters, MO
Luke is from Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. The first picture was taken when he was 12-months old, right before lip repair. He came home in 01/05 to a new mom and sisters Olivia and Ruth (both also from China). Palate repair was in 04/05 and he has had two sets of tubes within 5 months. In his first 6-mos. home he grew 2 ½ in. and gained 8 lbs! We are now addressing some severe development delays and lack of speech.
Laney, DOB 12/16/03, BCLP
See Our Website!  Write to Christine and Scott, NY
We found out about Laney's cleft at my routine 20-week ultrasound.  When she was three months old, she had her lip repaired and at one year she had her palate repaired.  This past summer she had a minor lip touch-up.  Her cleft team is amazing!
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Lane, DOB 06/29/06, BCLP  Write to Melissa, AL
Lane was born in Dothan, AL. He weighed 7 lbs., was 20 in. long, and had a complete bilateral cleft lip and palate, which went undetected until birth.  Lane has had no problems feeding or gaining weight using the Haberman feeder. He is scheduled to have a Latham appliance on October 4th and has a consultation with Dr. Mulliken in Boston, MA on October 23rd.

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Lucas, DOB 11/22/2005, BCLP, Write to Corry
Our beautiful baby boy was diagnosed with a bilateral cleft and palate during our second sonogram.  Lucas had his first surgery to repair gum, lip and soft palate in April of 2006. He is a happy, healthy baby. Mom and Dad are excited to grow with baby.
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