Kyle, DOB 03/14/98, Cleft Soft Palate
See Kyle's Featured Family Page Write to Joni and Todd, UT
Kyle underwent sphincter pharyngoplasty on July 15, 2002 and will soon start speech therapy.  He's just like every other four-year-old boy, and loves boating at Bear Lake, camping at Capitol Reef, swimming anywhere and playing with his little sister Brittany, who's two years old and Kyle's devoted shadow.
Kristofor, DOB 04/09/87, UCLP  Write to Kristofor, Seattle, WA
Kristofor is the third of five children, but the first of three born with a cleft.  He is an actor and model in the Seattle and LA areas, with aspirations of playing the younger Stacy Keach on TV.  He has helped others with craniofacial issues by volunteering to act as a clown at the hospital and picnics.  He is great support to his younger sister Jena, BCLP and his brother Jordan, UCLP.
Kristina, DOB 09/01/91, BCLP  Write to Lisa, Sumter, SC
Kristina is 11years old. She was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. She has been through 8 surgeries so far and will be facing another one this coming summer. She is a wonderful student and a great daughter. We are very proud of her and want everyone to see what a beautiful person she is. I would love to accept mail to the e-mail address above!
Kailey Rose, DOB 02/13/03, UCL & BCP
See Kailey's Website!  Write to Michelle
Kailey Rose was born February 13, 2003.  She has a unilateral cleft lip and a bilateral cleft palate.  There is also a cleft in her alveolar ridge (gumline).  Along with her cleft issues, Kailey also has spina bifida , VSD & double outlet right ventricle repair, and a mitral valve replacment . She is a trooper!!
Kayla, DOB 04/09/98, Cleft Soft Palate  Write to Annette, TX
Kayla was born with a cleft soft palate.  We found out when she was three days old after we told her pediatrician she had milk coming out of her nose.  I had
lots of sonograms but they didn't show us her cleft palate.  She had her palate repaired at age 1 & once she figured out she could talk, that was all. Kayla is now five.  Mom Annette and sister Sarah are also in the gallery.
Kaitlynn, DOB 10/11/03, CP
See Kaitlynn's Website! Write to Scott and Chrissy, WV
Kaitlynn is a beautiful, loving four month old. She was born with a cleft of soft palate and part of her hard palate. She has one kidney that is bigger than the other, a tiny hole in her heart and alot of ear trouble. She's a great baby who loves to play and scream to hear herself. Palate repair is expected when she is 8 to 10 months old.
Kathryn Grace, DOB 05/13/03, UCLP
See Kathryn Grace's Website!  Write to Monica, WI
Ultrasound revealed Kathryn’s cleft lip and palate. She was born a healthy 8lb. 6oz baby.  Her lip was repaired at four months old and her palate at 11 months old.   She is now a very beautiful and active two-year old.  Kathryn remains strong and has been such and inspiration to our family, this why I wanted to tell the world.
Keean, DOB 05/17/04, BCLP  Write to Kristina, MO
Keean is three weeks old and was born with  bilateral cleft lip and palate.  He weighed 8 lbs., 4 oz. and was 20 inches long.  We just started taping his lip.  He hasn't had any surgeries yet.  His first lip adhesion will be in 5 to 7 weeks.  We found out of his cleft during the last ultrasound..  I was 29 weeks pregnant.  Keean has an older brother, Gavin, DOB 01/13/03.  Gavin does not have a cleft.
Kaden Asher, DOB 01/30/04, UCLP
See Kaden's Website!  Write to Tiffany, AZ
Kaden was born with a unilateral cleft lip & palate on the left.  I found out about his cleft when I was about five months pregnant. Kaden had his first surgery on 10/13/04 and he looks great!  He is now 9 months old and getting huge!  He is still my happy baby, exploring the house now that he's crawling. Kaden loves playing with his Aunt Yasmine. His palate surgery is going to be schedualed for some time in December!
Kolin, DOB 06/17/03, Incomplete UCL, Alveolar Ridge, Submucous CP
See Kolin's Website!  Write to Kari, WA
We are so blessed to have Kolin in our lives!  We found he had a cleft lip at our 20 week ultrasound.  His lip repair was performed on 08/27/03; he also had tubes placed in his ears at that time.  Kolin will most likely have a lip revision at age two along with any necessary repairs for his submucous cleft palate, depending on any apparent speech problems.  Kolin is an amazing little boy who has brought so much joy!
Kaylee, DOB 02/26/04, UCLP  Write to Christie, Arlington, TX
Kaylee was born with a complete unilateral cleft lip and palate, which was detected two weeks before birth. She had her first lip repair on June 7, 2004, at 3 months of age.  Her palate repair is scheduled for August 2005.  Kaylee lives in Arlington, Texas with her Mom, Dad, and big brother Bryce, who is 3 years old. Email us to learn more about me.
Kevin, DOB 04/08/04, BCP and Mild Pierre Robin Sequence  Write to Jennifer, Hanover, PA
Kevin has a bilateral cleft palate and mild PRS.  He has already had tube placement in his ears and he is absolutely delightful!  Kevin adores his big sister, Megan, who is 3-1/2 years older than him.  He lights up and laughs every time she comes in the room.  Our PS estimates palate closure in March 2005.  He also said he is very hopeful that Kevin will only need one surgery!
Kyle Andrew, DOB 11/05/04, UCL & Submucous CP  Write to Cheryl, TX
Kyle was born with a unilateral cleft lip and submucous cleft palate, which we found out about at our 20 week sonogram.  He has been wearing a NAM to help close his alveolar ridge and shape his nose.  We are looking forward to surgery on March 28, 2005.  Kyle is a sweet and happy baby who loves to laugh and play with his older brother Tyler.
Kaden Joseph, DOB 11/15/2004, BCLP
See Kaden's Website! Write to Michelle, MD
Kaden is our surprise baby.  His cleft was discovered at our 20 week sonogram. Kaden used the Latham device, had his lip repaired on April 22, 2005 and his palate repaired on August 1, 2005 at A. I. DuPont Children’s Hospital in Delaware.  Kaden is the happiest and most content baby in the world.  He has such a “huge” smile that will melt your heart and he is adored greatly by his five older siblings!!
Konnor, DOB 02/23/05, Cleft Soft Palate  Write to Christy, OK
Konnor was born with a cleft of the soft palate.  We did not know of his cleft until after he was born.  Despite the trials that he has gone through in his short 7 months, he is a very happy and loving baby.  I look forward to coming home from work just to have his little arms wrap around my neck.  He is scheduled to have his repair on October 7, 2005.
Kenleigh Rose, DOB 04/15/05, CP
See Kenleight's Website #1!  See Kenleight's Website #2!  Write to Elizabeth, NC
Kenleigh Rose is our miracle baby.  I was told for many years, that I wasn't able to have children.  Kenleigh was born with a cleft palate, she is missing both hard and soft palate, and also was born with Stickler Syndrome. We didn't know that she had a cleft palate until she was born.  We are waiting to schedule her first surgery.
Kaylee Elizabeth, DOB 10/16/05, CP
See Kaylee's Website!  Write to Kimmie, PA
Kaylee has some other birth defects not associated with any syndrome.  We live in Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia.  Please feel free to email me or read Kaylee's website.
Kai Brown, DOB 03/12/05, BCLP and Multiple Heart Defects
See Kai's website!  Write to Kate, AK
Each day of Kai's life is a blessing.His cleft was a surprise at birth, and we spent two wonderful weeks at home before we realized that he had heart problems, too. Kai has cruised through three major surgeries and is now thriving. He is crawling, loves to dance and be tickled, and likes to play with wheels and faces. Kai is a happy, mellow, incredibly resilient baby. His next surgery will be palate repair in March 2006.
Kayla, DOB 10/05/90, UCLP  Write to Rhonda, NC
Our baby was kissed by an angel when she was born and has been a blessing ever since.  I knew she would teach the world a great deal from the day she was born. Kayla has had 13 repairs since birth and she has handled each one with more courage than I could ever imagine. Please feel free to contact us!
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Kelan, DOB 02/23/07, Incomplete UCL, Write to Stephen, NC
Kelan's incomplete UCL was not half as bad as we thought it would be. He's able to make suction, and he's doing great. He'll have surgery at three months to close the lip and fix his little button nose. He's honestly the best thing tha's ever happened to me. He's made me a Dad. Mom is sore but recovering well. She's sooooo strong, and she's the best wife a man could ask for. So thank you Melissa and Kelan for making me the proudest man alive.
Kia, DOB, 11/07/06, UCL/Alveolar Ridge
See Kia’s Website!  Password:  November06  Write to Franny
We found about Kia's cleft through ultrasound when I was five months pregnant. She had her first surgery when she was five weeks old to repair her lip and nose. It has been 12 weeks since her surgery and she looks amazing!  She has met with the surgeon and cleft lip/palate team and she does not need to be seen again until she is 3 years old!
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