Nicholas, DOB 07/26/02, UCLP
See Nick's Website Write to Elizabeth and Boyd, CA
Nick lives in Los Angeles with mom Elizabeth, dad Boyd, and big brother Alexander. Born five weeks early, he will have his first surgery at four months old rather than the usual three. Nick is the sweetest little baby--so small and cuddly.  He cries only when Alex loves him a little too enthusiastically.
Nicholas John Wright, DOB 02/11/02, UCLP  Write to Mary, Nottingham, England, UK
This photo was taken when Nicholas was five months old.  He has already had a lip repair, and we are awaiting word on the timing of his palate repair surgery.  Nicholas doesn't have a website yet, but feel free to e-mail us!  Isn't he gorgeous?
Natalie, DOB 01/07/02, UCLP  Write to Corrina & Jeff Aziz, Toronto, Canada
Natalie was born on Canada Day. Her first surgery was 10/03/02 when she was three months old. She had her nose, lip and gums aligned at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children. Natalie will have palate repair surgery at about one year of age. She has a complete cleft palate (soft and hard) and will also need a bone graft in the future. Natalie enjoys music class, library story time and swimming lessons.
Natalie, DOB 09/15/95, UCLP  Write to Diane, IL
Hi my name is Natalie Nadelhoffer. I am 10 years old and I will be 11 on Sept 15th 2006. My favorite sports are cheerleading, softball, dance, and volleyball. I am a very strong little girl with a big heart and a big smile. I love you, Debbie!!!
Nicole Elizabeth, "Nicki", DOB 03/13/03, Cleft Soft Palate
See Nicki's Website! Write to Ann, FL
Nicki is six months old now.  She was born with a cleft soft palate just like her mommy.  She is having surgery on October 13, 2003.  We hope and pray this will be the only surgery she will need.  Nicki is a very happy baby whose smile lights up our home.
Noah, DOB 05/28/04, BCLP
We learned of Noah's bilateral cleft lip and palate through ultrasound at 36 weeks.  He was born in Las Vegas by c-section, a whopping 8 pounds, 10 ounces and 21 inches long!  He has taken to the Pigeon feeder very well since we changed from the Mead Johnson and started using a soy-based formula.  We are relocating to Arizona as soon as he is released from the hospital.
Nicholas, DOB 6/16/04, UCLP  Write to Dave & Heidi, Cincinnati, OH
Nicholas is being treated in Chicago with the NAM by Dr. Figueroa and Dr. Polley with wonderful results.  We are now the third couple from Cincinnati to seek treatment from them this past year.  It is amazing the shape that the NAM has given to his nose as well as narrowing his cleft.  We anticipate surgery within the next month.  If you live in the Cincinnati area please contact us.
Natasha DOB 24/02/1995, BCLP  Write to Jackie, Johannesburg, South Africa
Natasha was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate in 1995.  Her first surgery was performed when she was three months old.  We are now at the stage of getting ready to do the bone graft.  Natasha has an older brother Juan.  She is a lovely child, who never complains.
Natalie, DOB 8/31/97, UCLP  Write to Sandi, IN
We had our only ultrasound four days before Natalie was born just so God could give us some notice about her cleft.  The doctor told us there was a "small chance" but he really couldn't get a good look; we didn't research it, but had the possibility in our mind.  Natalie had three surgeries to repair her lip and palate in her first year.  She is now in 1st grade, is an awesome student, and we are so proud of our beautiful girl!! 
Noah, DOB 04/07/04, UCLP  Write to Laura, NV
Noah was born with a unilateral cleft lip and alveolar ridge and a submucosal cleft palate.
Nathan, DOB 05/94, UCLP  Write to Amy and Kevin, KS
Nathan is our middle child and was born with a unilateral cleft lip and soft palate.  He's had the two closure surgeries, bone graft and multiple ear tubes. He's an energetic, joyful child with a love of sports and animals.  We can't imagine life without him!
Nikolas, DOB 10/13/03, UCLP and Frontonasal Dysplasia  Write to Cindy, OH
Nikolas was born October 13, 2003 at 10:03 PM.  He weighed 11-1/2 lbs. and was 22 inches long.  His lip was repaired at five weeks old, and his palate was repaired on October 7, 2004, at almost one year old.  He is also genetically diagnosed with frontonasal dysplasia.  We didn't find out about his cleft until he was born.  He is a very happy and funny little boy.
Natalie, DOB 08/28/99
Natalie was born on August 28 1999.  She is now 6 years old.  Natalie has had three surgeries so far.  She is a very smart, beautiful, happy girl.  She is very social and loves to make new  friends every day.  Her first grade teacher said about her, "Natalie is just adorable".  We love her very much  and could not live without her even one day.
Naya, DOB 08/05/05, BCLP and Branchio-Oculo-Facial Syndrome  Write to Melody, WA
Naya's cleft was found during my 19-week ultrasound. Shortly after birth, she was diagnosed with Branchio-oculo-facial Syndrome. Naya is blind due to the absence of her right eye and the underdevelopment of her left eye. Her eyes are naturally fused shut so she just looks like she's always sleeping. She is such a blessing and our family is so much in love with her! Her first surgery is scheduled for 12/29/05.
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Nina Marie, DOB 06/10/03, UCLP Write to Lux, Cebu, Philippines
Nina Marie underwent her first surgery when she was eight months old (through Mariquita Salimbangon-Yeung Foundation & Operation Smile and her second surgery (Rotary Club Cebu & Operation Restore Hope) was when she was two. Her speech is not bad but there's still a small hole inside her nose. She's very smart, talks like she's old enough, loves to sing and dance, has sense of humor (like me!), and of course, she's my beautiful angel.
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