Hannah Marian, DOB 05/14/01, BCP
S4Him@aol.com Write to Sally and Dan (CP/Appliance), Lancaster, PA
Hannah was born with a wide bilateral horeshoe cleft of the palate and bilateral club feet. She endured casting for her feet every week for the first year, heel cord surgery at 6 mos., and feeding issues. Palate repair was in 06/2002; tonsils and adenoids removed 4/26/04; p-flap 7/1/04. She is now in speech therapy and doing very well!  She is a precious gift and we know God's hand is on her!
Harrison, DOB 10/10/01, UCL, BCP  See Harrison's Website
MomTo2Hs@cs.com Write to Jessica, IA
Harrison was born with a unilateral cleft lip and hard palate and a bilateral cleft of the soft palate. He loves playing with his mom, Jessica, and big sister, Hannah. Harrison had his lip repair at 6 months old and his palate (hard and soft) repair at one year. He will have a nose revision (although it looks great now) and bone graft later on, but for now he is surgery free!
Hailey, DOB 05/31/01, BCLP
Mary73@email.uophx.edu Write to Mary
Hailey is now three years old.  She is a very active toddler and loves to read.  Her favorite place to go is to the library, and she also loves to draw.  Her speech has improved greatly and she has been surgery free for almost a year.  Hailey's last surgery was on 01/14/03 to repair her soft palate.  Her next surgery is planned for 2005; they will revise her lip and do her nose because it is starting to slope down.
Hannah Faith, DOB 03/28/03, UCL, BCP, Van Der Woude Syndrome, Popliteal Pterygium Syndrome, G-tube  bstricklett@comcast.net Write to Brandy, CO
Hannah's is our only girl; she has 3 big brothers who love her dearly and are very, very protective!  Her cleft came as a complete surprise to us, even though we had over 10 ultrasounds and even a 3-D one.  She has had 20 surgeries to date with 3 more in the next few months. She was diagnosed with Van Der Woude and PPS last year.  Despite all of her medical issues she is the absolute joy in our lives!
Helena Sophie Howell, DOB 05/09/02, UCLP
See My Website at www.helenahowell.com!
palms14@earthlink.net  Write to Cindy, CA
Helena is our angel baby.  Easy to laugh and loves people and babies!
She wore a NAM for four months.  Lip repair was on 10/1/02; palate repair on 12/10/02.
Photo to come...
Photo to come...
Haleigh Marie, DOB 05/99, BCLP, Down Syndrome
See Haleigh's Website! Password 5622 (Hit *submit* button, not *enter*!)
ldarnell92@hotmail.com Write to Stephanie, Peterstown WV
Haleigh was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate, as well asDown Syndrome. Haleigh underwent open heart surgery in Aug. 01.  She loves to play with her little brother Logan and her new puppy, Tinker.  She is going to be an artist, I believe; she loves to draw and color all day!
Heather, DOB 06/23/80,  BCLP and EEC
vermontchickie@yahoo.com  Write to Heather, Connecticut
Heather was born in Abington, PA, and has had the pleasure (not) of going through more than 20 surgeries by the age of 20.  She is willing to discuss anything with anyone who has questions!  Currently Heather is working full time at a dental supply company (oh, the irony...) and loves to read, write and create art.
Hunter, DOB 08/30/04, Cleft Soft Palate
dna3@lhtc.net  Write to Us, PA
This is Hunter.  He is a very spoiled little boy!  He has one brother and two sisters and he loves everyone's attention.  We did not know about his cleft until he was born so it was a surprise.  At first we were a little nervous but now we are fine.  He will have his surgery around his 1st birthday.  I would like to hear from others....
Hannah Dee Puckett, DOB 06/08/99, UCL
See Hannah's Website!  luckpuckett@mail.com Write to Andrea, CA
Hannah had her only surgery at five months old at Childrens' Hospital Oakland; she still needs a bone graft and nose revision.  Hannah is outgoing and very social.  She's loves to hear about our family here at cleftAdvocate.  Hannah's interests include Cher, butterflies, Cher, doggies, Cher, bugs, computers, horses, Spongebob and did I mention she likes Cher?
Hunter, DOB 06/24/04, BCLP
jubara@pennwoods.net  Write to Belinda and Frank, Lilly, PA
We knew about Hunter's bilateral cleft lip and palate from my first sonogram.  We met with the cleft team at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA when Hunter was 4 days old.  On 7/12/04, Hunter received his NAM piece.
Hannah Sophia, DOB 12/12/04, BCLP
Heatherasl2002@yahoo.com  Write to Heather, WI
Hannah was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.  We knew via ultrasound ahead of time about it. Shewent through treatment with an orthodontist that specializes in babies with clefts and prepared her with her lip surgery. Hannah has had two surgeries so far, lip repair in April 2005 and palate repair in October 2005.  Hannah is a very happy and active toddler!!
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Hilla, DOB 05/2006, UCLP
See Hilla's Website!
merliinukka@yahoo.com, Write to Teemu, Finland
My princess was born in May 2006. She has wide unilateral cleft lip and palate.
Visit her website to read our story.

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