Tani Natasha Trentlyon (aka TNT), DOB 08/01/01, BCLP
See TNT's Website  Ask about our Parade Magazine article and the NAM!
kiku@kikucollins.com Write to us!  Kiku, NYC
Tani, also known as TNT, can bring a smile to anyone's face with her explosive personality!  She had a nasoalveolar molding device (NAM), which reshaped tissue and "created" some missing stuff before surgery!  Our team did an amazing job!  Lip/gum/nose repair on 12/11/01; palate repair on 7/22/02.
Thomas, DOB 02/23/02, BCLP
mickandy8@yahoo.com Write to Mickelle, IN Visit Our Family Website
Thomas was born in Okinawa, Japan and is Twin B of identical boys.  His brother's name is Christopher.  He spent 24 days in the NICU because he was 6 weeks early and because of his cleft. Therefore, his first surgery had to wait until we could get to the states.  His lip repair is now scheduled for August 22. He is doing rather well and we pray and thank God every day for him.
Trevor, DOB, 08/10/00, UCLP
Visit Trevor's World and See Trevor's Featured Family page!
fourcookiesrwe@hotmail.com Jim & Melissa, Washington State
Trevor is a happy, energetic 2 year old who loves playing with his big brother and antagonizing his dog, Harley!  His favorite movie is the Wiggles and his favorite toys right now are ROCKS!  LOL!  Trevor has had three surgeries and has been diagnosed with an arteriovascular malformation (AVM) on his palate.
Ty Guthrie, DOB 5/30/77, UCL
jtrowden@clarkston.com Write Ty, ID
Lip repaired at 3 months of age was the only surgery Ty ever had to have.  Ty is currently attending college and enjoys streetrodding and drawing.  He is the proud uncle of Jayton Rowden, born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.  E-mail me with any questions you may have or if you would like to see photos taken before lip repair.
Tillman Matthew Norsworthy, DOB 09/08/02, UCL
Visit Tillman's Website!
samnors1@bellsouth.net  Write to Samone & Matthew
Born ten weeks premature, Tillman weighed just 3 pounds, 13 oz.  His UCL was a complete surprise.  He spent five weeks in the NICU due to his prematurity.  Tillman's surgery is scheduled for December 27th, at just under 4 months of age.  He is our shining light.  He is our inspiration.
Tyler, DOB 10/09/02, UCLP
Tonia27@aol.com Write to Tonia, Monroe, Michigan
See Tyler's Featured Family Story for April 2003!
We found out about Tyler's cleft lip during an ultrasound when I was four months pregnant; they thought his palate was intact, so we were very surprised when he was born with a cleft palate also.  A true gift from God, we wouldn't trade Tyler for the world!
Tyler, DOB 04/12/98,UCLP
janzfamily@sbcglobal.net  Write to Shelley, OH
Tyler is far from the quiet and shy type.  He is an outspoken, fun loving all boy.
He has lots of friends and exceeds in preschool.  Tyler is ready to go to
kindergarten right now...and I mean right now! He plays t-ball and loves to work in the wood shop with his grandfather. Lots of luck to all and God Bless all who reads this.
Tori Lynn Hoge, DOB 01/08/03, Incomplete UCL/SP
hogepeg@yahoo.com  Write to Peggy and Larry , Los Angeles, CA
See Tori's Website!
My cleft came as a total surprise to my parents, but I have blessed them with great joy as I am their first child after 17 years of marriage!  I had my lip surgery on 02/26/03, on 11/17/03 had my palate repaired, and my lip revision 03/02/07.
Tatum, DOB 07/2003, Cleft Soft Palate
Vegasrockstars@cox.net,  Wite Myranda and Dion, Las Vegas, NV
Tatum was born July of 2003 with a cleft soft palate. She is scheduled for surgery to repair in on March 26th, 2004. She will also be getting tubes in her ears that day. Tatum loves books, music, laughing and she loves pizza crust. She is crawling and getting into everything she shouldn't be getting into.  She is a very happy baby, but when oh when will she sleep thru the night???
Trinity, DOB 09/22/02, Cleft Soft Palate
starr_jewell03@yahoo.com  Write to Cassandra, IL
Trinity's cleft was a surprise; she spent 8 days in the hospital hardly eating, but once she came home she ate all the time! At 11 days she had her first cleft team visit at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital in St. Louis, MO. Her cleft was never a big problem once we got used to all her food coming out her nose! She had ear tubes and her palate repaired at 14 months.  She is adored by everyone who sees her!
Thomas Fry, DOB 01/28/04, UCLP
missyfry@earthlink.net  Write to Missy, Pittsburgh, PA
We found out about Tommy's cleft lip in during my 20 week sonogram. After he was born we started using the NAM device and the results are truly amazing!  We see the team at Childrens Hospital in Pittsburgh. His lip repair 05/28/04 and palate repair was 12/01/04.  This picture was taken for Tommy's first Christmas.  Has was 11-months-old.  E-mail me with any questions or concerns, or even to just say, "Hi!!!".
Tucker Tillia, DOB 08/21/04, UCLP
Bobbi_O@msn.com  Write to Bobbi, PA
Tucker had nasoalveolar molding from 6 days until 5 months of age. Primary lip and nose repair were completed 01/26/05. We couldn't be happier with the results; we love our team! Palate closure is scheduled for 10/05/05.  For a child we were warned would have feeding problems, our little man has done amazingly well.  I'm just looking forward to the day he can sneeze without Cheerios coming out of his nose!
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Tyler, 04/09/04, BCLP
petk@mtco.com and ptk105@yahoo.com, Write to Pat & Erin, IL
Tyler was born at 32 weeks, weighing 3lbs. 9oz.  He was born with a cleft lip and palate.  He had his lip repaired at 3 months and also had tubes put in his ears.  At 11 months he had his palate repaired.  He has been in speech therapy for the last year. He is a happy almost 3 year old.
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