Zachary Ryan Weissinger, DOB 11/05/02, UCLP Write to Kathy, Cincinnati, OH
Zachary lives with his mom, Laura, Great-Grandma "GG", aunts Jenna and Julie, and me, Grandma Kathy!  He is the greatest delight to us.  Zach's smile can melt the heart of anyone and brighten the gloomiest day.  He had the Latham device inserted at 3 months, and his lip/nose surgery on March 3rd.
Zander Smith, DOB 06/13/03, BCLP
The Smith Family Website Write to Jeanne and Bill, NY
Zander arrived 7 weeks early but only one day early to be the best birthday present a Dad could ever get!  He has bilateral cleft lip and palate, with one side incomplete.  He is the answer to his sister, Amberly's prayers...she has been praying for a little sister or brother for a long time.  We invite you to check out our website, meet our family and follow his progress.
Zachary, DOB 06/23/04, BCLP
See Our Website!  Write to Colleen, NJ
Zachary was born one minute behind his twin sister Jacqueline. The NAM was put in when he was 10 days old.  Surgery at NYU to repair his lip, nose, and gum was performed on Nov. 22, 2004 and palate repair was June 21, 2005, also at NYU.  We really love his face and he was blessed with such a charm that everyone just wants to snuggle him.  Zachary is younger brother to Jeremy, incomplete UCL.
Zachary, DOB 10/20/04, UCLP
See Zack's Website!  Write to Michelle and Sean, PA
Zachary's cleft is incomplete on one side; he is currently wearing the NAM device.  We did not know about his condition until birth.  We are planning his lip surgery for 3 to 5 months of age and the palate repair at 6 to 12 months old.  Zachary has 3 step-sisters (two are mine, ages 13 and 9 and my husband has a 10 year old). We are currently under Children's Hosptial of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for our medical care.
Zevakiah DOB 03/05/05, Isolated Cleft Soft Palate  Write to Jesica, Anchorage, AK
Zevakiah is almost one month old, and scheduled to see a cleft clinic here in Anchorage, on April 15, 2005.  Anyone who would like to contact us is more the welcome to.  I'll respond to every e-mail.  God Bless!  (First photo 5 days old; second photo 20 days old.)
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