Desirée, DOB 10/29/89, UCLP Write to Carolyn and Dave, NY
Desirée lives in NY with her parents, and two dogs. She enjoys competitive dance and was on her school district’s dance team (2004 & 2006 NDA National Champs). She also plays the clarinet. Desirée will be heading off to the University at Buffalo in the fall of 2007 to major in dance and is still deciding on a second major. At this time we believe her surgeries and dental work is complete. Thank you to her awesome surgeon Dr. John Girotto & his team.
Darren, DOB 02/27/02, Complete UCL, Complete BCP, EEC*
*Ectrodactyly Ectodermal Dysplasia Clefting Syndrome, Write to Cathy and Dave
Darren was born with a unilateral cleft of his lip and palate. He just had pharyngeal flap surgery in October of 2005 for velopharyngeal incompetency. At 6 years old, Darren's no longer in speech therapy. His progress is simply amazing!!!  We are so proud of him.
Dylan Xavier, DOB 12/12/01, BCL& Maxillary Ridge
See Dylan's Website Write to Michelle and Mark (BCLP), IN
Dylan is the youngest of four boys and had his first lip repair on 3/15/02.  He is scheduled for two lip revisions, bone graft and nasal reconstruction in October 2002.

Danica Lupton, DOB  08/02/02, Inc. UCL, Alveolar Ridge & Hard Palate  Write to Lee and Todd, NC
See Danica's Website!  I was born in Mission Hospital, Asheville, NC.  I was 12 days old when I had my repair by Dr. Magee in Norfolk, VA.  I live with my Mom Lee, Dad Todd and brother Connor in Hendersonville. My Mom has a unilateral cleft lip and palate. There isn't much to say cause I'm a little booger but I'm sure in the future I will be one to be reckoned with...
Dylan Curtis, DOB 02/24/01, UCLP
See Dylan's Website!  Write to Theresa, MD
Dylan's UCLP was a surprise to us, as were his bilateral clubfoot.  Lip repair
was in June 2001.  We thought he looked great and didn't know how they would make him look better. But with his lip revision on September 11, 2001 (what a horrible day and time to have him in surgery) we were amazed at the results!  Palate repair in January of 2002 and will be starting speech therapy next week.
Daniel Alexander Webb,  DOB 02/05/98, UCLP, Write to Hope
Daniel was born in Richmod, Virginia.  He has had a total of five surgeries so far. Four surgeries were for lip and nose revisions and one was for soft palate repair.  Daniel has an older brother named Christian who is six years old and does not have a cleft.
Dallin, DOB 02/19/03, BCL  Write to Ken and Emily, UT
Dallin had his lip repaired at three months and is shown on the left the day before his lip surgery; the photo on the right was taken at 2 years old.  He loves to dance and play with his big sister Marissa (UCL, BCP).
Dylan, DOB 12/10/02, UCLP  Write to Kari, Camp Lejeune, NC
Dylan will be 4 in December and has grown so big!  We're enjoying watching him grow into quite the young man. We recently moved back to North Carolina, and have a team meeting at UNC-Chapel Hill in October.  We look forward to getting his care back under control. Dylan, Zach, and Kaitlyn are all looking forward to having their new baby in November.
Dakota Scott Martin, DOB 04/25/03, BCLP  Write to Jennifer, TN
We did not know about Dakota's bilateral cleft lip and palate until he was born.
It was a total shock.  Dakota had ear tubues and Latham appliance inserted on July 31, and his lip repaired Septmeber 17th.  He will have his palate repaired
sometime in January 2004. He is truly a gift and is such a happy baby!  He
loves his big sister Alliyah.  We are indeed blessed.
Dylan Harris, DOB 12/31/99, BCLP  Write to Sue, Wisconsin
Born on New Year's Eve, I think Dylan was trying to tell us great years to come!
Lip repair at 3 months, soft palate repair at 5 months; hard palate was a couple months before his 3rd birthday.  He still has a fistula which will be repaired in a year or so.   One year old in the photo, Dylan has a 6-year-old sister with spina bifida.  He is special and so is she.   I'm so thankful for both my kids.
Daniel, DOB 04/14/03, UCLP Write to Marc and Kathy, Canada
Daniel's cleft went undetected through three ultrasounds.  He wore a NAM for almost four months, and his August 7, 2003 surgery included lip/nose repair and ear tubes at St. Justine Hospital in Montreal by Dr. Louise Laberge.  His hard and soft palate will be repaired in the spring.  Daniel loves to laugh
and giggle with his three-year-old brother, Gabriel.  Love those eyelashes!
Dominic, DOB 05/30/2004, Microform Cleft  Write to Linda, WI
Dominic was born with what I have been told is called a microform cleft or a form frust cleft.  His lip has what looks like a scar going from the top of his lip to the bottom of his nose.  He also has a deviated septum and was tounge-tied.  So far all we have had fixed was his tounge, which was a very easy proceedure.  I am not sure what, if anything, we are going to do with the rest.
Dawson, DOB 12/08/04, BCLP  Write to Brandi, IL
Dawson was born on December 8, 2004 with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.  He has an older sister, Madison, who was also born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.  Dawson's  first surgery is March 3, 2005.
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Davyn, DOB, 07/05/06, BCLP, Write to Crystal, PA
Davyn was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate also tracheoesphogeal fistula. The TEF has been repaired. His lip adhesion surgery was on 10/25/06. He is doing well and his next surgery is going to be on 01/24/07. He is a trooper.
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