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Ashlie Tierra Kempf, DOB 09/14/00, BCLP Write to Alayna, KS
Ashlie's cleft went undetected in 3 sonograms.  She wore a specially-made "bonnet" to better align her premaxilla before surgery.  Her lip adhesion was at 4 months, lip revision at 8 months, and palate repair was four days after her first birthday.
Austin, DOB 04/17/00, Complete UCLP Write to Anna, South Dakota
Austin has three big sisters--Kalyn, Chrissi and Kelsee (all NCA).  Austin's cleft was discovered in my 36th week of pregnancy through an ultrasound performed because my abdomen was not measuring the size it should have been.  He has four surgeries to repair his lip and palate and one to place ear tubes.  Austin is a very smart little boy, and I have to constantly remind myself just how old he is!
Anna Marie Hull, DOB 01/07/02, UCLP Write to Sandy, NC
We didn't know about Anna's cleft lip and palate until she was born.  She had her lip repair on 03/25/02 and her palate surgery on 01/13/03 at UNC Hospital. Anna is toddling around all over the place.  She loves the Baby Einstein videos and Playhouse Disney.  We are so thankful for her!  She makes us laugh every day!
Aaron, DOB 10/02/02, BCP, Mid-facial Exclusion
See Our Family Website!, Write to Kay, Texas
Aaron is our baby boy born with bilateral cleft palate and mid-facial exclusion just like his daddy Stephen and sister Ashlyn.  He will have his palate closed on May 9, 2003.  He is so laid back compared to his sisters.  He loves to watch them play and just takes things as they come (even when it is getting whacked with sister's book)
Ashlyn, DOB 12/02/97, BCP, Mid-facial Exclusion
See Our Family Website!, Write to Kay, Texas
Ashlyn is a very active 5 year old.  She was born with a total cleft palate, and mid-facial exclusion, like her dad Stephen and brother Aaron.  She had her palate closed at 9 months and her first nose surgery done at just under 5 years.  She has a stong will just like her daddy. But she also got us wonderful out look on life and she can't hold a grudge.
Allison Whitney Reyes, DOB 11/20/02, Complete CP
See Allison's Website!  Write to Whitney, NY
Allison almost 3-1/2  years old and is enjoying being a big sister to her twin 1-year-old brothers.  Her surgeon and teachers have recently said she doesn't even sound as though she had a cleft palate.  She still has a T-tube in one ear; the other one fell out and despite two infections is doing great.  She loves nursery school and helping Mommy and Daddy around the house.
Adam, DOB 09/24/94, CLP  Write to Barbara, NY
Adam is 8 years old now, and was born with cleft lip and palate.  He has had the flap done but it has not helped his speech.  It is difficult to understand him, but Adam is very intelligent and the kids are nice to him at school.
Austin Douglas, DOB 02/20/03, UCLP  Write to Cindy in Spring, TX
Austin is a great blessing to our family.  Austin's photo on the left was taken at about three months, before his lip repair at five months.  He wore a NAM for four months.  Doesn't his nose look great in his 6-month baby picture, and check out that chubby tongue!!!  I love his little baby face!!!
AnaStella, DOB 09/28/02, UCLP
See AnnaStella's Website!
Cazmo01@aol  Write to Stella, NJ
Come visit my site! You'll find the complete restoration of my face from birth until its completion.

Ana Karina, DOB 06/12/02, UCLP  Write to Alex, TX
Ana Karina was born in Venezuela and has a 3-1/2 year old brother. We
knew she had a cleft lip when I was five months pregnant. She has a beautiful personality and always carries a smile on her face. Ana Karina had her lip successfully repaired in Venezuela by the President of Operation Smile when she was five months old, and had her palate repaired in Sept. 2003.
Annette, DOB 05/30/67, CP and Pierre Robin Sequence  Write to Annette, TX
I was born May 30, 1967 with a U-shaped cleft palate which was repaired when
I was 22 mo. old in Houston, TX.  I was also born with PRS.  I have five children;
four of them have their palates affected.  Only two have had surgery to repair their clefts.  Sarah and Kayla are in the gallery also.
Aidan, DOB 10/22/03, BCLP  Write to Nadia and Andy, MN
Aidan was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate (a surprise). He wore the NAM device for 3 months to realign his gum line and had his lip repaired in January 2004. His palate repair was in September 2004 and he started speech therapy through Early Intervention in January 2005. Aidan is a happy little guy who loves looking at books, playing with cars and chasing after his dog Mishka. Feel free to contact us!
Alisha Marie Collins, DOB 11/28/99, UCLP  Write to Beth, California
Alisha was born with a complete unilateral cleft lip and palate on the right. She also had a incomplete cleft palate on the left side. She weighed 8lbs., 12oz. and was 19 inches long.  She is a wonderful baby girl!  We learned about her cleft from an ultrasound when I was two weeks overdue.  Alisha has an older brother Wade, who was born with just a cleft lip.  She has had three surgeries.
Ava, DOB 03/02/04, UCLP,  Write to Amy and Ava, IL
Ava’s cleft was undetected in two sonograms.  She wore an appliance before her first surgery which was at ten weeks.  She has to have two more surgeries.  The first is at six months and the other is at one year.  Ava has a great plastic surgery team at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago.  She is a wonderful baby and happy baby.  We are very luck to have her.  Please email us we would love to hear from you !!!
Austin Ryan, DOB 04/05/94, UCLP  Write to Missy, KY
Austin has had two lip repairs and a palate repair.  He is a very bright child who wants to be a doctor when he grows up so he can help people the way his doctors have helped him.  Austin has two older brothers, Thomas (14) and Christopher (16).  Oh, yeah...he also wants to be an actor, a singer and an archeologist!  I love the way the world is so open for him!
Ally, DOB 09/24/94, UCLP,  Write to Samantha, AR
Ally was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate with nose deformity.  Ally has had a total of nine procedures done at this point and is in the process of bone graft and pharyngeal flap surgery.  Ally is very happy, spirited and so loving.
What a blessing Ally has been.  The second photo was taken at age 10.
Aden, DOB 03/02/04, UCLP  Write to Joy, Montgomery, TX
Aden is such a joy to our lives.  We found out about his cleft at a 16-week ultrasound. He has a wonderful cleft team and is scheduled for lip and nose revisions on August 10.  He has been wearing the NAM, and it is has done amazing work.I can't imagine him being any cuter than he is now.  Feel free to email me.
Avery, DOB 6/10/04, UCLP
See our family website!  Write to Julianne, NC
Avery was born with a previously undetected unilateral cleft lip and soft palate.  Her lip repair surgery was at six weeks old, and she did great!
Adrian, DOB 09/16/99, UCLP  Write to Shannon and Fernando, CA
Adrian is a very happy little boy.. He loves to play with his older sister Kat & his cousins.  Adrian loves to play Star Wars on the cumputer & watch the movies. Adrian is a light in our lives and he brought a close family closer.  You can read more about him in our Featured Family story here on cleftAdvocate!
Alyssa, DOB 10/18/03.  BCLP  Write to Bethany
Alyssa is our sweet 2 1/2 year old.  She was born 5 weeks premature, with a bilateral cleft lip and palate and Tetrology of Fallot.  She had open heart surgery at 3 months where we almost lost her.  She is such a blessing to us and those around her.  We would love to share our story to help others during their hard times.  As hard as it was, I would do it all over again to have her here with us.  She is our angel!!!
Aiden, DOB 10/23/04, Cleft Soft Palate, Mild PRS, Von Willebrands Type 1  Write to Maggie, VA
Aiden Michael was born after 22 hours of labor.  We did not know he would have a cleft until the pediatrician announced it.  He has had three palate repair surgeries, and his pediatrician said the repairs are "miraculous" and "truly a work of art".  He is the love of our life.
Alyssa Rachel, DOB 04/13/93, Incomplete UCL  Write to Judy, NJ
Alyssa's cleft lip was quite a surprise to us.  She has proved to be a stronger person than her parents at times.  She takes her repair scar in stride, like a freckle.  We are blessed to have her.  I feel fortunate to have a group such as cA around now.  We are a rare breed.  These pictures are of my strong, happy and BEAUTIFUL daughter on the day of her birth and today 07/05/05, the day her braces came off.
Andrew, DOB 10/23/04, Submucous Cleft, PRS, Congenital Heart Anomolies, TEF and Microtia of Left Ear Write to Angela, FL
Andrew was born with multiple birthdefects four weeks early, even though all the ultrasounds appeared normal.   We now refer to his left ear as his Shrek ear (named by his 9 year old sister Kaylee).  Andrew is now 10 months old and we have a few more surgeries to go but we are so blessed he's actually doing baby things pulling his sisters hair!
Aidan James, DOB 12/29/04, UCL  Write to Erin, PA
Aidan is our little miracle!  He is our first child and was born with an incomplete unilateral cleft lip.  I developed severe pre-eclampsia during my pregnancy and he was delivered 10 weeks early, weighing in at 2lbs, 12oz.  He had a little bit of a rough start, but you wouldn't know it now!  Aidan's first picture is from about a week before his repair, which was done 6/22/05.  The second is from August 2005.
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Abigail, DOB 10/29/04, UCL  Write to Tony and Becki, TX
Abbey is our second precious angel.  Her unilateral cleft lip was discovered in our 20 week ultrasound on my mother's birthday, August 12, 2004.  Abbey had her lip repair on 02/04/05 at Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX.  She is a very happy, strong-willed little girl who is 200% in love with her big sister, Ashlee & vice versa.  Abbey's smile will brighten your day and her sparkling blue eyes will mesmerize you.
Alastair, DOB 09/18/05, Incomplete UCLP  Write to Arianne, San Francisco, CA
Alastair is a beautiful baby boy. We did not know about the clefts until he was born; the  news was a complete shock to Mom, but Dad was another story. His father is an oral surgeon, so Dad knew about cleft lips/palates. Alastair is perfect and fully accepted by the family and good friends! Mom is not ready for the face she's fallen in love with to change. His lip surgery is in December with the palate surgery next year.
Aiden Ethan, DOB 01/31/05, UCLP  Write to Amy and Adam, CA
Our family is so lucky to be blessed with our little "ROCK STAR"!  Aiden is so amazing!  Like many other parents, we too were surprised, or should I say shocked, as we had no idea about Aiden's cleft until he was born.  He had his first surgery May 2005 and is due for palate repair sometime before January 2006. Aiden is our second child and we couldn't be happier as he is such a fun spirit to be around!
Annabella, DOB 08/22/05, BCLP  Write to Heather, NV
Annabella Jayne Gates was born on August 22, 2005 with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.  She comes from a family of all sisters.  If you have any questions you can email me at  We live in Reno, NV.
Abigail, DOB 02/10/06, Cleft Soft Palate  Write to Kely, NC
We did not know about Abigail's cleft palate until her birth.  She spent 24 days in NICU.  Abigail also has a heart condition called SVT (supra ventricular tachycardia).  She is currently almost three months old.  We use the Pigeon feeding system.  Abigail has also had some reflux problems, so we are using soy formula and Zantac.  She loves her big brother a lot!
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Photo Gallery - A
Allyson, DOB 12/22/04, BCLP with EEC Syndrome
Visit Ally's Website!  Write to Kristin, CA
Allyson sees the craniofacial team at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.  She wore the NAM device for 5-1/2 months prior to having her lip repaired on 7/6/05.  She is also fed 100% via a g-tube due to poor swallowing function.  We're hoping to resume oral feedings after her palate is repaired (scheduled for 2/1/06).  We're thrilled with her progress and I'd love to share our experiences with others!
Anna Kate, DOB 11/06/06, Incomplete UCL, CSP  Write to Kristen
We learned of Anna Kate's incomplete unilateral cleft lip during ultrasound but were unaware of the cleft in her soft palate until her birth. She had her lip repair surgery at Children's Hospital in DC. The 3-week recovery was pretty stressful, but she's happily able to suck her thumb again. She will have her palate repaired later this summer. She is such a brave little trooper and we are so proud of our smiley little girl!
Aurika, DOB 03/10/98, UCLP, Branchial Occulo Facial Syndrome Write to Melissa, UT
Aurika Mi Angelita! (My little Angel) was born on March 10, 1998 with a complete unilateral cleft lip and Branchial Occulo Facial Syndrome. She is a beautiful, boisterous girl. She has had seven surgeries to date and has had a great outlook on all of them. She would love to meet or write anybody that would like to share their stories!
Austin James, DOB 04/11/07, UCL Write to Danielle
Visit Austin's Carepage! BABYAUSTIN0411
Austin was born with a cleft lip, to our surprise, despite several ultrasounds.  He was born four weeks early due to pre-eclampsia on 04/11/07 and weighed in at 6lbs., 2.5 oz. and 19 inches long.  He has lip surgery scheduled with the cleft lip/palate team at Children's Hospital, Columbus ,Ohio on Aug. 1, 2007.
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