Joshua, DOB 6/24/01, UCL/Inc. BCP, See Josh's Featured Family Page!
See Joshua's Website Write to Liz & Gregg (UCL/BCP), OH
Joshua lives in Cincinnati with mom, dad, brother Taylor and sister Macey. He has had his lip repair, two palate repairs, heart surgery, tonsillectomy, partial adnoidectomy, & pharyngeal flap surgery. His speech is progressing, but needs lots of work to figure out how to use the flap.  He is totally adorable, full of mischief and fun, and makes friends everywhere he goes. Meet Dad Gregg, also in the gallery!
Jayton Nicholas Rowden, DOB 05/05/02,  Incomplete BCLP Write to Jeff & Tami Rowden, ID
Jayton had his lip, gumline and hard palate repaired at three months old and his soft palate repaired when he was one year old.   Jayton is active and full of energy.  A total boy!  He loves cars (Chevrolet's only), riding his bike and playing with his big sister Ashlyn!  His Uncle Ty, (UCLP) is also featured in the gallery.
Jillian McCall Campbell, DOB 09/28/01, BCLP
See Jillian's Web Site  See Jillians Featured Family Page! Write to Jeff and Julie, Murrells Inlet, SC
Our daughter's cleft was found during the first ultrasound. Her lip was repaired on 12/06/01, and she had her palate repaired/minor nose revision on 10/17/02. We are blessed to have Jillian. She has such a determined personality and is such a ham! She has truly brightened our world!
Joshua Michael, DOB 08/15/02, BCL
See Little Josh's Website  (Password - Miracle), Write to Christi and Joshua, TX
My mommy had several sonograms done late in pregnancy but didn't find out about my cleft until I came into this world!  I live in Fort Worth, Texas with my mom, dad and big brother, Jacob Kyle, who is 4 years old!  I will be having surgery in November to correct my lip. Wish me good luck!
Joshua Smith, DOB 03/02/96, BCLP  Write to Lesley, Cheshire, UK
I was born in Warrington, Cheshire, UK. I have one brother, Jordan and two dogs, Jake and Molly.  I had my lip repaired when I was four months old and my palate repaired when I was 14 months.  I like the Power Rangers and my computer.  I play football at school and will start having music lessons this year
Jake Austin Smith, DOB 11/11/96, UCLP  Write to Tina, Lester, AL
Our doctor discovered Jake's cleft on ultrasound at 32 weeks gestation.  He was born with complete unilateral cleft lip, palate and gum.  Jake is 5 and has just had his 6th surgery this summer.  Jake has graduated from speech therapy and is doing wonderful in kindergarten.  Any questions, please feel free to contact us!
Jasmine Ann, DOB 10/06/02, UCLP
See Jasmine's Website! Write to Claire, UK
Meet Jasmine who lives in Bristol, UK with her proud mummy, daddy and big brother.  Jasmine has had two surgeries to repair her lip and palate and we are currently enjoying an op free period!
John F. McQuay IV, DOB 02/18/02, Midline Cleft Lip, FND
See John IV's Website! Write to Sarah and John III, Evansville, IN
We did not know about John's cleft until he was born. His lip repair was performed on June 5, 2002 at 3-1/2  months old.  John is such a talker!
He loves his daily rides to school and points out every school bus possible!
James, DOB 12/17/90, CP, Pierre Robin Syndrome, Stickler Syndrome  Write to Becka, Bloomington, IN
God only gives special parents his special angels.  Hi my name is James and I am 12 yrs old.  I was born with a cleft palate, Pierre Robin Syndrome and Stickler Syndrome. I am very proud that Dad and I have the same birthday and name.  I love to read books.  I get that from Mom and my Grandma in Ohio.  I have two older sisters and a younger brother. I like to meet other kids like me.
Jeremy Ballew, DOB 05/05/87, UCLP  Write to Pam and Steven, LA
Jeremy has had four lip surgeries and one palate surgery, the first when he was three months old. He has chosen not to have any more surgeries, deciding his nose looks fine.  We are very proud of Jeremy, who is now in the 10th grade. He likes punk music and is currently forming a band. They practice here every weekend.  He also likes skateboarding, and GIRLS!!
to come...
James Edward Menis II  (Jamie), DOB 01/31/02, BCLP
Jamie's Website!  Write to Denika & Jimmy, NC
Jamie lives in North Carolina with his mommy, daddy, and 8 dogs!  He wore the nasoalveolar molding (NAM) plate, which put everything back where it belonged before surgery.  He went to New York City for his repair.  Jamie had his lip, nose, and gums repaired on 6-13-02 and his palate was repaired on 2-4-03.  He is truly the answer to his mommy and daddy's prayers!
Jared, DOB 05/24/92, UCL, BCP, Cleft Alveolar Ridge, Don & Melissa, OH
Jared is an active boy who enjoys baseball, football, basketball, and video games. He has had tubes in ears, lip and nose repair and revisions, palate repairs, bone grafting and phase one of orthodontia.  He enjoys sharing his positive attitude with others and would like to hear from children who were also born with a cleft.
James Kieran, DOB 09/27/02, Cleft Soft Palate
See Our Website! Write to Courtney, AL
We did not know about James Kieran's cleft until the day after he was born. Through this little surprise, we have learned so much.  Now we are working on his speech with the help of some great speech therapists.  He is enjoying being a big brother to his sister, Kate.   He had a very successful palate repair on November 5, 2003 by Dr. Singhal at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.
Jeff Alterman, DOB 03/13/63, Submucous Cleft Palate/Microform Cleft Lip
See Jeff's Feature Story! Write to Jeff, New York
I was born with a submucous cleft hard palate, submucous bilateral cleft alveolar ridge and a microform cleft lip (right side). Though my cleft is very mild, I have a few cleft-related issues. I also have Asperger's Syndrome which is not related to my cleft whatsoever. Rather it is a mild form of autism so I have some autistic traits, for instance, a sometimes quirky personality and weak social skills.
Jasmijn, DOB 03/27/03, UCLG  Write to Tammie, Alberta,Canada
Jasmijn (15 hours old in first photo) had her first surgery in June of 2003 and has been doing wonderful. We were one of the luckier families...Jasmijn came from recovery and went straight to her bottle and still has yet to look back. We have fallen in love with her all over again  She looks as beautiful as ever and does nothing but smile.
Jarom, DOB 08/29/96, UCLP
See Our Family Website!  Write to Jennifer, MO
This is our son Jarom.  He was born with a left unilateral cleft lip and palate.
We had no idea what a cleft was until Jarom was born but we quickly learned.
He has had lip adhesion, lip repair, palate repair, and palatal lengthening with a lip and nose revision.  He is a happy and inquisitive child and a great big brother to Ainsley, Rebekah and Holly.
Jonathan, DOB 04/28/03, BCLP  Write to Shirley-Anne, UK
Jonathan was born April 28, 2003 with bilateral cleft lip and palate.  His first surgery is scheduled for August 20, 2003.  Jonathan has had one side repaired successfully - he looks great.  His next surgery is on 22nd October 2003. 
Jonathan Michael Floyd, DOB 05/18/2003, UCL/Cleft Soft Palate  Write to Kimberlie and John, FL
Jonathan's cleft was a complete surprise when he was born.  It didn't take but a second to fall in love with that beautiful face though.  He is the fourth of five children.  None of his siblings have a cleft.  He is a wild and crazy kid who loves to run and climb and drive mom crazy.  He completely and totally changed our lives; I don't know how we ever lived without him. Feel free to e-mail me!  I'd love to hear from you.
Joseph, DOB 10/06/99, UCLP  Write to Penny and Guy, VA
Joseph was born to Guy and Penny Sparkman on October 6, 1999.  He weighed ten pounds, 12 ounces and was 21-1/2" long.  He has two brothers and three sisters and a dog.  Joseph has had five surgeries - three cleft-related and two non cleft-related.  He is a bashful little guy and a very loveable child.
He is spoiled by everyone.
Julia Ann, DOB 05/14/02, CLP and Amniotic Band Syndrome  Write to Janiece, WI
Here's Julia Ann.  The first picture is from when we met her on our first trip to Russia.  She was adopted on May 20, 2003.  The second photo is at six months, post-surgery for closing up both lip and palate.  She also has ABS which has affected her right hand and ankle.  Not a bit of it stops her. She loves to play, chases her dogs and cats, and she is currently in gymnastics.
Jacob, DOB 10/31/03, BCLP, Write to Michelle, Las Vegas, NV
Jacob’s second stage lip repair took place on March 31, 2004.  He came through like a trooper and is healing up beautifully (photo taken on 4/26/04).  He’s started trying to eat solids and although he has a lot of trouble, he’s doing his best and is actually starting to enjoy some of the new flavors.  His palate repair is currently scheduled for August 6, 2004.
Joshua, DOB 11/09/01, BCLP  Write to Michelle, Fort Worth,TX
Joshua has had his lip repaired twice and his palate repaired twice also.  He still has a hole in his palate.  We just changed doctors and now see Dr. Fearon in Dallas.
Jeremy, DOB 09/19/00, Incomplete UCL
See Our Website!  Write to Colleen, NJ
Jeremy was born with an incomlete unilateral cleft lip.  We were completely surprised and luckily, he required only one surgery.  He is just gorgeous and a real scamp!  Jeremy now has brother/sister twins; brother Zachary has a bilateral cleft lip and palate.
Jaden, DOB 10/05/03, BCLP  Write to Joy and Jimmy, West Palm Beach, FL
Jaden is our first child; we found out about his cleft when he was born.  Jimmy is stationed in south Florida (Navy) and we see the team at Joe Dimaggio's Children's Hospital in Ft. Lauderdale.  Jaden has worn the NAM device since 11/03 and we are scheduled for his first surgery August 4!   He loves the beach and playing with our two cats.  He is the happiest baby and is truely a blessing to our family.
John, DOB 07/05/95, BCLP  Write to Wendy, IA
When John was born we had no idea he was going to have a cleft lip and palate.  He had his lip surgery on Sept. 29, 1995, his palate surgery on April 18, 1996 and his bone graph on October 28, 2004.  He has one big sister, Erica, and two cats, Rocket and Tigger.  He loves to play soccer, and loves anything to do with racing. Please e-mail us...we would love to hear from you.
Jack, DOB 07/14/04, BCP  Write to Katie, NY
Jack was born with a very large cleft of both the hard and soft palate. He had surgery on 05/11/05 to repair both and so far it has been a success. He will be having tubes put in his ears for the second time in June 2006. We are still struggling with speech but making lots of progress. Jack has a new little sister who is NCA.
Josie Kimberly, DOB 11/18/04, UCLP  Write to Susan, NY
Josie came to us through adoption in January 2005.  How beautiful she is was our first thought!  She has a right-side unilateral cleft lip and palate.  She had her lip repaired on 04/22/05 and is schedule for palate repair on 09/09/05.  She is our second beautiful girl that God has blessed us with.
Jackson, DOB 12/16/04, CSP  Write to Angie, NC
Jackson was born with a cleft of the soft palate on December 16, 2004.  He is scheduled for surgery on Oct. 6, 2005 at UNC-Chapel Hill.  He has one brother who does not have a cleft.
Jaron Alexander, DOB 06/29/05, BCLP
See Jaron's Blog!  Write to Terri, GA
I found out when I was pregnant about Jaron’s cleft and did all my research before having him.  We made trips to Atlanta and NY before finding the right doctor for Jaron in Boston.  Dr. Mulliken is the best!  He truly cares about the children and we are so happy with the results he gave our son and a chance at a normal life. Jaron is developing normally and is a very happy little boy.
Jayden Paul Casey, DOB 03/12/05, BLCP  Write to Kim, NJ
Jayden was born 13 weeks premature and weighed 1 lb., 14oz. He had every preemie complication there is, pretty much.  He is doing really well now. Jayden is scheduled for his lip revision in January 2006. He has an older sister named Jenna who is 4 years old.
Johnny, DOB 11/24/04, UCLP, Local Pathfinder Support at MiCleft!
See Johnny's Website!  Write to Teresa, MI
We didn't know about Johnny's cleft until birth.  He has had four surgeries as of December 2005 and will have the next in February 2006.  He's gone through such a transformation in one year, but one thing has remained the same - Johnny doesn't take guff from anyone.  He's charismatic and wins over everyone he meets.  He's the family trooper, for sure!
Jena, DOB 12/22/01, UCLP  Write to Stephanie, NC
Jena was born in the People's Republic of China  Her lip was repaired November 2002 by a Chinese doctor paid for by the Jolie Foundation.  We adopted her in February 2003.  Her palate was repaired in April 2003.  Jena is a delight to us.  She has unilateral hearing loss and language delays.
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Jack, DOB 03/09/06, UCL/BCP, Hydrocephalus, Holodiencephaly, Poland Syndrome Write to Jenny, UT
Visit Our Website at!
Jack was diagnosed with a cleft lip and hydrocephalus at his 18-week ultrasound. At a 27-week check up they told us he had holoprosencephaly, which is incompatible with life, and gave us the option to terminate, twice. Jack was born at 35 weeks. He does not have holoprosencephaly. He has 12 birth defects but has been healthy and only a little delayed.
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