Gabrielle Nicole, DOB 08/04/98, Complete UCL, Choanal Atresia  Write to Lynne and Mark, IL
Our ladybug is the second of three daughters, Gabby's first years were tough but as she enters 3rd grade those memories are distant.  Doing well medically, loving her teachers, orthodontist and anything Hello Kitty, Gabby is a typical 8-year-old.  Mom works for Illinois Early Intervention.
Gregg, DOB 04/25/72, UCL/BCP
See Gregg's Website Write to Gregg (UCL/BCP), OH
Gregg is husband to Liz, dad to Joshua  (UCL/Incomplete BCP), Macey (NCA) and Taylor (NCA).  He's had countless cleft-related surgeries, as well as heart surgery for a mitral valve defect.  He has an unnamed syndrome that includes other anomolies.  Our family story was one of the Featured Family stories for September 2002, so be sure to read all about us!
Gerald, DOB 04/22/38, BCLP and Ptosis of the Left Eye Write to Gerald, WI
Gerald is one of Cleft Advocate's feature stories for November 2002.
He attended the CPF Conference in Seattle in the Spring of 2002.  Gerald says he is beginning to use FAITH or Fully Accurately Integrated Through Honesty in all areas of his life.
Gracie, DOB 03/31/04, Pierre Robin Sequence (PRS), BCSP  Write to Brandi, AR
Gracie was born with Pierre Robin Sequence (PRS), which means she has a cleft of the soft palate and a recessed chin. We have had many feeding difficulties and used a NG tube for a very long time.  She now drinks from an open top cup. Palate repair is scheduled for the end of April.  Gracie has a lot of other food issues, possible fructose intolerance. She is a very happy baby and just loves her big brother. 
Garrett Alan, DOB 02/17/04, CP  Write to Mary, AR
Garrett has blessed the lives of everyone who knows him. His gigantic dimples and huge blue eyes light up his parents' lives and bring a sparkle into any room. He's turning into an even happier toddler who lives to make people laugh and already exemplifies a kind, caring spirit.
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Grace, DOB 12/23/05, BCLP Write to Jamie
Grace was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, an ASD, and a VSD.  She had g-tube placement surgery at 3 months old, open heart surgery at 4 months, lip adhesion surgery at 7 months, lip repair at 10 months, and palate repair at 13 months!!  What a year!  She is an absolute miracle.  She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out!  God could not have blessed us with a more perfect angel!
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